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Free Stretching Videos

Watch the stretching videos below to see exactly how to do each stretch. All the stretching videos below include professional voice narration with instructions on how to perform the stretch, plus video footage showing you exactly how the stretch is done. Each video shows you how to get into the stretch position and how to come out of the stretch position. Plus a count-down timer is included to make sure you hold the stretch for the minimal amount of time. In most of the videos I’ve used two athletes to show different views of how to do the stretch.

Stretching Videos for Muscle Groups and Sports

In the list on the left you’ll find over 40 professional stretching videos for every major muscle group in your body. Each muscle group listed below includes information on which sports benefit most from the stretches, and the anatomical muscle names involved in each stretch.

In the list on the right you’ll find a series of 10 minute video stretching routines for 15 different sports. Each routine contains about 10 different stretching exercises, and is specifically designed for the unique requirements of that sport.

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The Stretching Handbook, DVD & CD-ROMWhile the recommendations on this page are a good starting point, you'll get a lot more benefit when you include a wider variety of stretches.

To do away with stiff, tight muscles and joints, and improve your full body mobility and freedom of movement, grab a copy of the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility (Handbook, DVD & CD-ROM).

In total, they include 135 clear photographs and 44 video demonstrations of unique stretching exercises for every major muscle group in your body. Plus, over 80 printable stretching routines for 22 sports and 19 different muscle groups.

The DVD also includes 3 customized stretching routines (8 minutes each) for the Upper Body; the Lower Body; and the Neck, Back & Core, plus a bonus CD-ROM that allows you to print out over 80 stretching routines that you can take with you wherever you go.

The Handbook and DVD will show you, step-by-step, how to perform each stretch correctly. Plus, you'll also learn the 7 critical rules for safe stretching; the benefits of flexibility; and how to stretch properly. Check out the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility for yourself.