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Risk Free, Lifetime Money Back GuaranteeRefunds & Returns

At StretchCoach.com I take your satisfaction very seriously. While most businesses offer a guarantee, I would like to offer you more than the standard “Satisfaction Guaranteed” cliché.

And yes, of course all my products* come with a 60-Day, money-back guarantee.

If any of my products do not live up to the standard you expect, or if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, simply call my office (toll-free on 1-877-580-7771) or contact me via the “Contact Us” link below, and one of my friendly staff will assist you in returning your order and processing a refund.


Kind regards,
Brad Walker signature
Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

* Exception: The only exception to the above money-back guarantee is when a customer completes the Stretching Certificate and downloads their Certificate of Completion. Once you have finished the course and downloaded your certificate, no refunds will be issued.