Company Information (and The Stretching Institute™) was established by myself (Brad Walker) in 1995 in response to a steadily increasing occurrence of sport related injury. Over the years I’ve moved from providing fitness and sports coaching services that specialize in stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, to now providing the same services via books, DVD’s, software, tools, resources and educational information.

My Mission

…is to help people improve their health and well-being through improved flexibility and mobility; an often neglected component of physical fitness.

The History

  • 1989-1992: I’m studying health science, working as a sports coach and doing my best to make a living as a professional triathlete.
  • 1993-1994: I’m working more and more with injured athletes; trying anything and everything to help them prevent and treat sports injuries.
  • 1995: I start incorporating a lot of stretching and flexibility into my athletes training programs, and after a thorough search for accurate information on the topic, I decide to write my own book on stretching.
  • 1996: After being rejected by every publisher I approach, I make the decision to form my own company and publish the book myself.
  • 1997: The Stretching Handbook is finally published, and I start selling it through bookshops, therapist’s clinics and at sporting events.
  • 2000: I set up a website and sell my first copy of the Stretching Handbook on the internet; to a guy in New Zealand.
  • 2002: Sales of the Stretching Handbook hit 10,000 copies and I start to receive 100’s of requests for a good quality stretching video. So, I decide to produce one myself.
  • 2003: It’s getting cramped at home working out of a spare bedroom and half a garage, so I start looking for office and warehouse space.
  • 2004: The Stretching Poster is produced. I convert the Stretching Video into DVD format. And move into a new office and warehouse facility.
  • 2005: I release InstantStretch; a revolutionary piece of software designed to create unlimited stretching programs with ease. And publish my third book; The Sports Injury Handbook.
  • 2006: I write two new books; The Anatomy of Stretching and The Anatomy of Sports Injuries.
  • 2007: I update the Stretching Poster and the InstantStretch software. And release an updated, 3rd edition of the Stretching Handbook.
  • 2008: I release version 3 of the InstantStretch software.
  • 2009: I release 3 new Anatomical Stretching Charts, and add a heap of new features to the InstantStretch software.
  • 2010: Writing, writing and more writing. I write the 2nd edition of The Anatomy of Stretching and a brand new book on knee injury management, both due out early 2011; and add new research information to the Stretching Handbook.
  • 2011: I release the updated 2011 edition of the Stretching Handbook, and publish a new injury treatment manual called the 7 Step Rotator Cuff Treatment and Stretching System.
  • 2012: I write the 2nd edition of The Anatomy of Sports Injuries and publish another injury treatment manual called the 7 Step Shin Splints Treatment System. We outgrow our current facilities and move our entire warehouse and fulfilment operations to McHenry, Illinois in the US.
  • 2013: I add digital download versions of both the Stretching Handbook and DVD. I add Stretch Strap, ProStretch and RangeRoller to our current product line, and create the Beginners Guide to Sports Injury Management.
  • 2014: I completely overhaul and update the Rotator Cuff and Shin Splints treatment systems.
  • 2015: I run a few of my Stretching & Mobility Workshops in the US and turn them into a DVD, and I write a new book called the Big Book of Daily Stretch Routines.
  • 2016: More workshops, talks and seminars. Final round of updates for InstantStretch before starting work on an online/mobile version. And added more routines to the Big Book of Daily Stretch Routines.
  • 2017: I get appointed as Director of Education for a new fitness franchise called StretchLab. My new role includes creating and designing all the one-on-one stretching routines and training all their Flexologists (stretch therapists). And I qualify for the 2018 Triathlon World Championships.
  • 2018: I develop the stretching protocols and procedures that StretchLab uses on a daily basis. I also create the extensive 70+ hour Flexologist Training Program (FTP) that StretchLab uses internationally to train their Flexologists.
  • 2019: StretchLab sells its 250th franchise location and opens 74 studios. I get appointed to “Chief Stretch Adviser” and continue to oversee StretchLab’s entire training department. By the end of 2019, we’ve trained over 1,000 new Flexologists.
  • 2020: My plans to run a series of stretching workshops are put on hold due to COVID. However, I still manage a couple of minor updates for the Stretching Handbook. I finally finish the online version of my InstantStretch software. And I create an online Certificate in Stretching & Flexibility for therapists, trainers and coaches.
  • 2021: Stay tuned for more exciting news ahead!

Comments and Suggestions

I’m always open to your comments, compliments or criticisms regarding any aspect of my website, products or services. Please feel free to contact me via the "Contact Us" link below. I’d love to hear from you!

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