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With our revolutionary new software, you can create as many professional stretching programs as you want. Create programs for: Specific sports; Specific anatomical muscles; Warming up; Cooling down; Sports injury rehab; and Sports injury prevention.

…All with absolutely no effort on your part.

My clients are very impressed…

“I am a Medical Massage Therapist and I recommend stretches to my clients to help them maintain range of motion. Your InstantStretch software was a welcome addition. I am now able to print stretches, both by muscle group and / or by Sports and give them to my clients. The stretches are great and my clients are very impressed with my ability to print stretches for them.”

Gail Russo, LMBT

(North Carolina, United States)

Warning to all Massage Therapists, PT’s, Chiropractors, Body-Workers, Trainers and Coaches…

9 out of 10 clients who walk out of your clinic can’t remember the “homework” you just gave them!

You’ve given your client a ticket to pain relief, restoration and health. But they’ve forgotten 90% of what you said by the time they get to their car. A week later they come back, they’re in pain, and they think it’s your fault. It’s time to change that.

By pressing a few buttons you can give them a customized stretching program in less than 60 seconds. Every detail laid out on a clean sheet of paper they can take and use right away (or send it to them in an email).

Never waste time again trying to design a stretching program. With InstantStretch you can create as many professional stretching programs as you want. Create programs for:

Specific sports

Specific muscle groups

Sports injuries
Your clients (or yourself)
Warming up
Cooling down
Sports injury prevention
Sports injury rehab

…All with absolutely no effort on your part. Simply click a few buttons, choose a few options and there you have it; a safe, personalized program ready to print out and use straight away (or save it for later).

Each print out comes with an easy-to-understand instruction page so your client knows exactly what to do. Then each stretch listed in the program comes with a high quality picture and easy-to-understand description of how the stretch is performed. Nothing could be simpler.

Why did I create this software?

Brad WalkerHi, my name is Brad Walker and I’m the creator of InstantStretch. I’m a Health Science graduate of the University of New England and have postgraduate accreditation’s in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching. I’ve work with elite level and world champion athletes and I’ve lectured for Sports Medicine Australia on injury prevention.

For over 30 years I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry; specifically working in the field of stretching, flexibility training and sports injury management.

My first book, the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility has sold over 40,000 copies and deals specifically with all aspects of stretching and flexibility. Over the years I’ve built a reputation as the world’s #1 authority on stretching and flexibility, and as such am constantly asked to design stretching programs for many different people and many different purposes.

Then one day I thought to myself… “Wouldn’t it be great if I could print out stretching programs on demand, instead of having to create each one from scratch?” That was the day InstantStretch was born.

This software packs my 30 plus years of experience with athletes, injury sufferers and medical professionals into a potent, high speed, step-by-step program generating power-house.

InstantStretch is so easy to use!

InstantStretch is an easy-to-use online tool that allows anyone (and I mean anyone), to design and create unlimited stretching programs with ease. You don’t need any special training; you don’t need to know about anatomy or how muscles work; and you don’t even need to know what stretches to choose. All you need to do is choose a few options and let the software do the rest. Here’s how simple it is…

  1. Input some personal information, so you can identify who the program is for.
  2. Choose a level of fitness and what type of program you want (a Sports Specific program, a Muscle Group program, an Anatomical Muscle program, a sports injury program or design your own program).
  3. Decide how many stretches you want in your program.
  4. …and then hit create.

It’s that simple! For a more detailed explanation, take a look at the InstantStretch video tutorials below.

Store an unlimited number of clients.
Create as many stretching programs as you want.

Create programs for 37 different sports, 119 different muscles and 38 different sports injuries.

Design your own fully customized stretching programs.
Save and archive your programs for later use.

Save your programs as PDF’s to print out or email to your clients.


Customize print outs with your own logo and branding.


Includes 135 different stretches, all with a top-quality color photograph and detailed description.

Add your own stretching photos.

See what others are saying about InstantStretch…

The Stretching Institute
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Jim Hoey
Jim Hoey
00:29 14 May 20
The selection of stretching routines in "The Big Book of STRETCH ROUTINES" really is amazing. Although I have not... done everyone yet, I have found each one helpful. The pictures with details are quite helpful. Not only are there stretches for body parts but stretches designed to help with certain issues people might more
oldcaptainrusty .
oldcaptainrusty .
17:24 07 May 20
I'm 70 y/o and just getting into archery with a compound bow. I found when I would shoot a few arrows, my shoulder... would hurt the next day. I was looking for a stretching and warm up system for archery. Your product filled the bill without having to buy any expensive equipment or memberships. Now I stretch and warm up before I shoot using your program, no more sore shoulders the next day. It sure has helped this old geezer out. Thanksread more
Gary Barlich
Gary Barlich
18:34 05 May 20
I've bought a number of books and DVDs from here over the years and love all their products. The books have this great... lay flat binding that's perfect for learning a new stretch or routine. Also there is no fluff. Very detailed, and focused information.My stretching routine was getting kind of stale so I bought the Big Book of Stretching Routines. It has routines for EVERYTHING. You can just start with a few muscle groups and see if they're tight. Then build your practice up plugging and playing as needed. One muscle group is loose then swap it out for another. Had a recent injury? There's probably a routine to prevent a future more
Peter Henderson
Peter Henderson
22:43 20 Apr 20
I'm 70 years old. I play a competitive sport that involves week-long national tournaments and two-week-long... international tournaments. I also still enjoy skiing. I do Brad's range of stretches after I exercise(including gardening). Since doing these stretches I haven't pulled any muscles, and I'm moving as well the business end of the tournament as I was at the start. Before taking up Brad's stretches, I was prone to muscle injury and was considering retiring to the garden. A morning's skiing was enough. Now I'm on the slope every day I can. Also, I enjoy Brad's updates as the knowledge he imparts enables me to understand the stretching process more
carol ford
carol ford
20:57 24 Feb 20
I have used a number of Brad's videos and manuals during recovery from a compound hip fracture.The effect on mobility... extended beyond the injured area, but with Brad's materials I was able to restore mobility, and I now have a reference I can draw upon to remain active in daily life. Brad explains the physiology, and outlines ways to put a program together for your own needs. I sometimes refer back to the manuals as my needs change. There is a lot of information in them. I them more
Leslie Cotham
Leslie Cotham
16:42 04 Feb 20
Great Resource! As an injury prevention and rehabilitation specialist, I find the Stretching Institute to be a great... resource to learn from and refer my clients to for adjunct support in furthering their healing process. I've been using the Stretching Institute for several years and I'm very thankful for all the work Brad has put in and continues to put in to offer those of us in the health care industry relevant support materials...Thank You!read more
Taryn Boyd
Taryn Boyd
10:07 02 Feb 20
I use the Stretching Posters ALL the time in my massage clinic.The combination of words & pictures is fantastic.The... different articles - I print those out to read over lunch. It increases my knowledge, which I can then pass on to my clients for a better outcome for them. Keep up the great work. Thank more
zip stowe
zip stowe
14:01 31 Jan 20
Really love all the different kinds of stretches that you can do with this product. It is very easy to go from one... stretch into another. It is also not hard to learn because my 12 year old performed them with me. I would recommend this to more
Clay Cox
Clay Cox
00:06 31 Jan 20
Materials provided are very helpful for me and my patients. Professional and well presented posts. Course materials... were very complete and presented in manner that was easily understood as well as helpful. Easy for me to pass on to my more
Carolyn O
Carolyn O
18:19 30 Jan 20
I worked through their 7-step rotator cuff program to recover from a rotator cuff tear and was VERY pleased with the... results. I was able to avoid anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, and other pricey things my doctor was suggesting, and I now have my full range of motion back. I have since recommended the 7-step plan to a friend and he was thrilled with his results. And their customer service is great!read more
Karen Frogner
Karen Frogner
15:40 30 Jan 20
I purchased the 3 stretch posters and was very pleased with them. It is helpful to see specific muscles targeted when... you have a problem area. The posters have great graphics and information. Yes it would be helpful to have more stretches, but that would mean be less information on each group. I guess you have decide your priority. Them came quickly and a quality product. I would definitely recommend more
Gary Ricard
Gary Ricard
15:34 30 Jan 20
Great information on a very important, but often overlooked aspect of exercise, or even general health. As we age,... flexibility becomes one of our biggest challenges. The Stretch Coach offers many important videos and news letters to help old jocks, like myself, to fight the "stiffness enemy!" I highly recommend his more
lordlegbail .
lordlegbail .
05:30 21 Jan 20
They provide excellent customer service and follow up on my purchase. Brad is very professional and reliable. I... bought the Ultimate Guide to Stretching And Flexibility, because I strained my hip flexors and groin muscles, and wanted to learn how to avoid future problems. The book is first rate, full of clear photographs and detailed instructions for each stretch. The book is sensibly divided into sections dealing with stretches for different areas of the body. The textual beginning sections address the science of stretching, different kinds of stretching, the philosophies behind them, and the pros and cons of each. In an appendix are programs listing stretches from various chapters of the book for focusing on specific muscle groups. This book is well worth buying and you won't regret more
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My clients are getting better at their “homework”…

“After showing my clients what I want them to do, I can send them out of the office with a printout of the Stretching program that I want them to do at home. It’s great! I have found that the client is now getting better at their Homework between visits to my office.”


(Washington, United States)

A great service for our clients…

“I would like to express our thanks for the wonderful opportunity to make use the different stretching techniques provided to us through the InstantStretch software. Part of the services that we provide to our patients and clients is to educate them about their physical problems. The InstantStretch software helped us to accomplish this goal. From the time we purchased and started with the software, we are able to provide written home instruction to our patients and clients. Again, thank you.”



I can quickly design my own ‘sport-specific’ stretches…

“I was very impressed with InstantStretch. I love the fact that I can quickly design my own ‘sport-specific’ stretches, not only for volleyball but for multiple sports.”

Hayley M.

(Melbourne, Australia)

I don’t have to flip through a book…

“This is a great program and an excellent idea. I love being able to create different routines and then print out the stretches that are generated. This way I don’t have to flip through a book to find a certain stretch.”

Todd R.

(Minnesota, United States)

InstantStretch sets me apart…

“My clients are super impressed & I have an add-on complimentary service no-one else in my area has… it sets me apart! I prescribe my stretches in a professional format that’s easy for clients to follow and understand… everything’s done for both them and myself!”


(Newcastle, Australia)

Best purchase I’ve made as a massage therapist…

“With the InstantStretch software I am now able to give my clients clear and specific stretches via email that they can have access to anytime. It has saved me much time and effort sourcing stretches and putting together programs and printing/scanning them. I have received very good feedback from my clients. It also gives me more confidence and easily helps me to find stretches for specific sports and muscle groups. Best purchase I have made since being a remedial massage therapist. Thanks.”


(Queensland, Australia)

Saves me so much time…

“I set up InstantStretch and it is working perfect!!! Thanks for an awesome product. I will be able to use this for so many clients of mine. In fact, I have already produced three programs for clients that I see tomorrow. It is amazing how much time this will save me in the future. Thank you so much again for making this available for therapists.”


(Surrey, United Kingdom)

An invaluable coaching aid…

“As a track and field athletics coach I find InstantStretch an invaluable coaching aid. It quickly helps me identify appropriate exercises to meet the athlete’s needs and the printable exercise sheets with instructions and diagrams for each exercise are a real bonus.”

Brian M.

(London, United Kingdom)

The ultimate stretching software…

“InstantStretch is the ultimate stretching software which not only adds great value to my business but also saves time for both myself and my clients!”

Bertrand S.

(Queensland, Australia)

Here’s what you get with InstantStretch

You’ll get everything you need to create personalized stretch programs that will impress your clients; including…


The InstantStretch Online Software – 100% Fully Automated Stretching Program tool with a push-button interface that works every time without fail. And you’ll be able to use the tool to create as many stretching programs as you want; there is no limit to how many you can create.


Complete Video Instructional Manual – A simple, step-by-step, video tutorial detailing all the special features and abilities of the software. Everything from setting up the online software; to customizing a detailed, professional stretching program.


Use the Software on any device 24/7 – You can use the InstantStretch software on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone. That’s right; InstantStretch will work on any device 24/7.

Free personalized stretching programs for you and your clients

For a limited time you can try this revolutionary software for free. There’s no credit card required, and absolutely no obligation to continue using the software after your 14-day free trial has ended. Simply fill in your name and email and click the button below.


    No Credit Card Required!

    Give your clients the treatments they deserve!

    The bottom line is… Your results are guaranteed. Whether you want to create stretching programs for yourself or your clients; for a particular sport or a particular muscle group; or you just want to save time, InstantStretch will help you!

    Remember, this offer expires soon, so get InstantStretch now, and within the next few minutes you can be designing your own stretching programs like a pro.


    Kind regards,
    Brad Walker signature
    Brad Walker
    The Stretch Coach

    P.S. Just imagine, never having to suffer through the pain-staking process of designing stretching programs from scratch. Now you can create hundreds of stretching programs with ease. Don’t waste another moment; do your clients a favor and get InstantStretch now!

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