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Have You Ever Tried to Design a Stretching Routine? Ahhh… The Frustration of it all!

You’re sitting there with pen in hand, staring at a blank piece of paper. Racking your brain to think of a few good stretches, but you keep coming back to the same old boring stretches you always do.

You look on the internet to find a few pictures of stretching exercises; but how do you know which stretches are going to help, and more importantly, which stretches could hurt you?

To design a good stretching routine you need to have a detailed understanding of anatomy and physiology; have experience in basic strength and conditioning techniques; have a vast selection of stretches to choose from; and know precisely what stretches are relevant for each particular muscle group and each particular sport.

And even if you do have all the above, it takes time, discipline and a lot of effort to design and create safe, effective routines for yourself or your clients. Well, now you can…

Create Custom Stretching Routines Quickly and Easily – Guaranteed!

Click a few buttons, choose a few options and presto; instant stretching routines, ready to print out or save them for later. Never waste time again trying to design a stretching routine. With InstantStretch you can create as many routines as you want:

Create routines for specific sports.
Create routines for specific muscles.
Create routines for specific sports injuries.
Create routines for your clients.
Create routines for yourself.
Create routines for warming up.
Create routines for cooling down.
Create routines for sports injury prevention.
Create routines for an injury rehab program.
…All with absolutely no effort on your part. Simply click a few buttons, choose a few options and there you have it; a safe, effective routine ready to print out and use straight away (or save it for later).

Each print out comes with an easy-to-understand instruction page so you (or your client) knows exactly what to do. Then each stretch listed in the routine comes with a high quality picture and easy-to-understand description of how the stretch is performed. Nothing could be simpler.

My clients are very impressed…

“I am a Medical Massage Therapist and I recommend stretches to my clients to help them maintain range of motion. Your InstantStretch v3.2 software was a welcome addition. I am now able to print stretches, both by muscle group and / or by Sports and give them to my clients. The stretches are great and my clients are very impressed with my ability to print stretches for them.” Gail Russo, LMBT

(North Carolina, United States)

Why did I design this software?

Hi, my name is Brad Walker and I’m the creator of InstantStretch. I’m a Health Science graduate of the University of New England and have postgraduate accreditations in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching. I’ve work with elite level and world champion athletes and I’ve lectured for Sports Medicine Australia on injury prevention.

For over 20 years I’ve been involved in the health and fitness industry; specifically working in the field of stretching, flexibility training and sports injury management.

My first book, the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility has sold over 40,000 copies and deals specifically with all aspects of stretching and flexibility. Over the years I’ve built a reputation as the world’s #1 authority on stretching & flexibility, and as such am constantly asked to design stretching routines for many different people and many different purposes.

Then one day I thought to myself… “Wouldn’t it be great to be able to print out stretching routines on demand, instead of having to create each routine from scratch?” That was the day that InstantStretch was born.

This software packs my 20 plus years of experience with athletes, injury sufferers and medical professionals into a potent, high speed, step-by-step routine generating power-house.

InstantStretch is so easy to use!

InstantStretch is an easy-to-use piece of software that allows anyone (and I mean anyone), to design and create unlimited stretching routines with ease. You don’t need any special training; you don’t need to know all about anatomy and how muscles work; and you don’t even need to know what stretches to choose. All you need to do is choose a few options and let the software do the rest. Here’s how simple it is…

  1. Input some personal information, so you can identify who the routine is for.
  2. Choose a level of fitness and what type of routine you want (a Sports Specific routine, a Muscle Group routine, an Anatomical Muscle routine, or design your own routine).
  3. Decide how many stretches you want in your routine.
  4. …and then hit save, Email or print.

It’s that simple! For a more detailed explanation have a look at some of the InstantStretch video tutorials here.

Screen shots from the new v3.2 release

Add, Edit and Delete clients. Run a back-up or restore.
Customize the photos. Add your own photos.
Add, delete or re-arrange the stretches. Add custom comments.
Review the routine. Save, Email or Print the routine.

InstantStretch Special Features!

InstantStretch is a world first. No other software comes even close in being able to do what it does. In fact, there is no other software that does anything like this.

Store an unlimited number of clients.
Create as many routines as you want.
Create routines for 37 different sports.
Create routines for 119 different muscles.
Create routines for 38 different sports injuries.
Design your own custom routines.
Save and archive your routines for later use.
Email routines to clients directly from the software.
Print routines to take with you wherever you go.
Includes 135 different stretching exercises.
Add your own stretching photos.
Customize print outs with your own logo and branding.
All stretches come with a top quality color photograph and detailed instructions.
Operates directly from your own computer (you DON’T need to be connected to the internet).

Will InstantStretch work on your computer?

The InstantStretch software is currently available for both Windows PC and Macintosh computers, and is compatible with Windows 2000 or later (2000/XP/Vista/Win7), and for Mac OS X 10.2 or later.

softpedia-100cleanAnd you can rest easy! InstantStretch has the SOFTPEDIA “100% Clean” Award.

Softpedia guarantees that InstantStretch is 100% Clean, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including spyware, viruses, trojans or backdoors.

What does that mean? It means that the InstantStretch software was tested thoroughly by Softpedia and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed and used with no concern by any computer user.

What will InstantStretch do for you?

The possibilities are endless. You can use InstantStretch to create stretching routines for yourself or your clients; for a particular sport or a particular muscle group; or simply to save time.

Are you a coach, trainer or health care professional?
Then you need InstantStretch for your clients. No more wasting time designing monotonous routines. Create hundreds of routines in no time, and best of all, your clients will be so impressed with the quality of the routines; your reputation as a trainer will go through the roof.
Are you a pro athlete or serious competitor?
Then you need InstantStretch for the giant variety of routines you can generate. No more doing the same old boring stretches every time. With over 130 different stretching exercises you never need to do the same routine twice. Design a routine for your warm-up. Design a routine for your cool-down. Design a routine for any tight muscle groups.
Do you enjoy your sport and want to get better?
Then you need InstantStretch to help you improve your Personal-Best; to lower your handicap; or just to get rid of those tight, stiff muscle groups.

My clients are getting better at their “homework”…

“After showing my clients what I want them to do, I can send them out of the office with a printout of the Stretching program that I want them to do at home. It’s great! I have found that the client is now getting better at their Homework between visits to my office.” Elizabeth

(Washington, United States)

A great service for our clients…

“I would like to express our thanks for the wonderful opportunity to make use the different stretching techniques provided to us through the InstantStretch software. Part of the services that we provide to our patients and clients is to educate them about their physical problems. The InstantStretch software helped us to accomplish this goal. From the time we purchased and started with the software, we are able to provide written home instruction to our patients and clients. Again, thank you.” Alexander


Best purchase I’ve made as a massage therapist…

“With the InstantStretch software I am now able to give my clients clear and specific stretches via email that they can have access to anytime. It has saved me much time and effort sourcing stretches and putting together routines and printing/scanning them. I have received very good feedback from my clients. It also gives me more confidence and easily helps me to find stretches for specific sports and muscle groups. Best purchase I have made since being a remedial massage therapist. Thanks.” Deanna

(Queensland, Australia)

Saves me so much time…

“I set up InstantStretch and it is working perfect!!! Thanks for an awesome product. I will be able to use this for so many clients of mine. In fact, I have already produced three routines for clients that I see tomorrow. It is amazing how much time this will save me in the future. Thank you so much again for making this available for therapists.” Albert

(Surrey, United Kingdom)

InstantStretch sets me apart…

“My clients are super impressed & I have an add-on complimentary service no-one else in my area has… it sets me apart! I prescribe my stretches in a professional format that’s easy for clients to follow and understand… everything’s done for both them and myself!” Tracy

(Newcastle, Australia)

Here’s what you get with InstantStretch

You’ll get everything you need to create routines that will impress your clients; including…

The InstantStretch Software – 100% Fully Automated Stretching Routine software with a push-button interface that works every time without fail. And you’ll be able to use the software to create as many stretching routines as you want; there is no limit to how many you can create.

Complete Video Instructional Manual – A simple, step-by-step, video tutorial detailing all the special features and abilities of the software. Everything from downloading, installing and setting up the software; to totally customizing a detailed, professional stretching routine.

Install the Software on Multiple Computers – You can install the InstantStretch software on as many computers as you own. That’s right; if you own the computer you can install it on your work computer, your laptop and your home computer.

Plus Unlimited, Lifetime Upgrades – Yes, you read it right! I know that in most cases you would normally have to pay for upgrades and new versions, but if you order InstantStretch right now you’ll qualify for unlimited, lifetime upgrades, absolutely free.

Professional routines for less than .50c each

Because InstantStretch is such a new product and there’s absolutely nothing like it on the market, I know I could charge US$197, I could probably even charge US$297. And even though I know InstantStretch is worth every cent of US$197, (I know I’ve got more than $197 value out of it), and InstantStretch has sold for US$147 in the past, for a limited time you can get this revolutionary software for only $97.

Just think about that for a minute. By the time you’ve created 100 routines, which is easy to do if you’re a personal trainer or therapist, InstantStretch has cost you less than a dollar per routine. And by the time you’ve created 200 routines, its cost you less than 50 cents per routine. If you’re in the health industry you can’t afford to be without this valuable, time saving software.





Plus… 3 Special Bonuses Absolutely Free!

If you order today, you’ll also get my Special Bonus Stretching & Flexibility Package worth over $150.00 for FREE! Your FREE Bonus Package includes…


Stretching for Muscle and Joint Freedom

Special Bonus #1 ($29.00 Value)
This 15 minute MP3 audio (download version) was taken from a radio interview with Sports Radio 927. Go ahead and order right now and you’ll get exclusive access to listen in on Brad Walker and Trevor Himstedt as they discuss how to safely use stretching to minimize sports injury and improve freedom of movement. You can listen online, download the audio to your computer or iPod, or print out the written transcripts.


The Secrets to Successful Back Stretching

Special Bonus #2 ($97.00 Value)
This 1 hour MP3 audio (download version) was taken from a tele-conference with The Healthy Back Institute. Order today and you’ll get exclusive access to listen in on Brad Walker and Steve Hefferon as they discuss how to use the different types of stretching to treat back pain, and just about any other muscle pain condition. You can listen online, download the audio to your computer or iPod, or print out the written transcripts.


The Stretching & Flexibility Report

Special Bonus #3 ($29.00 Value)
You’ll also get a free copy of the Stretching & Flexibility Report by Brad Appleton. This informative report is over 65 pages in length (download version), and includes heaps of detailed information on some of the more technical aspects of stretching and flexibility. It’s a great compliment to your new stretching and flexibility products.

And… My Risk Free, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee

Your Complete Stretching and Flexibility Package!

The bottom line is… Your results are guaranteed. Whether you want to create stretching routines for yourself or your clients; for a particular sport or a particular muscle group; or you just want to save time, InstantStretch will help you!

And with my rock-solid 100% Money Back Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. Remember, this offer expires soon, so get InstantStretch now, and within the next few minutes you can be designing your own stretching routines like a pro.


Kind regards,
Brad Walker signature
Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach


P.S. Just imagine, never having to suffer through the pain-staking process of designing stretching routines from scratch. Now you can finally create hundreds of stretching routines with next to zero effort on your behalf. Don’t waste another moment; do yourself and your clients a favor! Get InstantStretch now and you’ll never have to worry again about wasting time designing monotonous stretching routines.

P.P.S. Remember, if you order today you’ll also get all the priceless bonuses that are the perfect companion to the InstantStretch software. And you’ll also qualify for my risk free, 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Don’t delay – Order now!





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