Professional Endorsements

Dr Denis Waitley (PhD) (Author & Past Chairman - US Olympic Committee)

“An excellent, important guide to optimum health and peak performance. Read, learn, implement and enjoy the benefits of wellness and enhanced quality of life.”

Bob Fulton (Coach - Manly Sea Eagles RLFC & Australian Team Coach)

“Stretching is an important part of any exercise program to help prevent injury and to increase flexibility. The Stretching Handbook is a clear, concise guide to stretches for all areas of the body.”

Dennis Flaherty (Head Coach Wibsey Juniors, Yorkshire, England)

“I have used your products to help my players become more aware of the need to stretch before and after any activity. We now use your book as the guide for all our players. It is available to all players and they can use it out side the club (at home or school, etc.). It is a great asset. Thanks again for all your help.”

Wayne Pearce (Coach - Balmain Tigers RLFC)

“The Stretching Handbook by Brad Walker provides a comprehensive guide to the art of stretching. The detailed photographic catalogue of stretching exercises serves as an easy to follow reference guide for athletes and coaches alike.”

Ron Palmer (Strength & Conditioning Coach - Sydney City Roosters RLFC)

“The Stretching Handbook clearly supports the notion that stretching is a must in any program for any level of athlete. Flexibility is essential for every athlete and should remain an important component of any fitness regime particularly as an anti-ageing tool. Well done in your dealing with a much maligned area of fitness.”

Michael Youssouf (MA, MES) (Recipient of the 2000 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year)

“I wanted to let you know I got my stretching Handbook, DVD and the two sets of stretching posters. Everything was well packed, arrived in good time and the items are really well done. Your products are a solid, well thought through tool that I think would be a great aid to many in our industry. I’m giving them as gifts to clients of mine who are in need of a little extra “enhancement” in their flexibility routines. Your products are just what I needed.”

Gail Russo, LMBT (North Carolina, United States)

“I am a Medical Massage Therapist – we are trained in soft tissue / muscle work, but we are not professionally trained as fitness trainers. However, I am allowed to utilize and recommend stretches to my clients to help them maintain range of motion. Your InstantStretch v3.0 software was a welcome addition to your Stretching Poster and Book. I am now able to print stretches, both by muscle group and / or by Sports and give them to my clients. The stretches are great and my clients are very impressed with my ability to print stretches for them. I look forward to continuous updates of the software – it was a great idea. Thank you.”

Greg Bennett (World Champion Triathlete)

“The Stretching Handbook has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of stretching. After reading The Stretching Handbook my coach and I decided to write specific stretching time into my program, thus taking stretching far more seriously.”

“Thanks for allowing me to read The Stretching Handbook. It is definitely a book that anybody wanting to exercise and even more so, elite athletes, should have by their side.”

Vicki Wilson (Team Captain - Australian Netball Team)

The Stretching Handbook is an excellent resource, it’s well set out, easy to find specific stretches, user friendly and very useful for coaches and athletes. My only regret from early years of playing sport was that we didn’t do any stretching, nor were we informed of the importance of stretching.”

Andrew Philips (Fitness Co-ordinator - Hawthorn Football Club)

“The Stretching Handbook should be pushed through all the institutions, including high school level, club level, national & international level. It has appeal across all levels.”

Frank Farina (Former Member - Australian Socceroo's. Player / Coach - Brisbane Strikers)

“The Stretching Handbook is easy to read, comprehensive and helpful for both amateurs and professionals.”

Clint Roberts (Fitness Co-ordinator - Fremantle Football Club)

“The Stretching Handbook is clearly set out and offers a variety of ideas. A useful tool for stretching ideas.”

Leanne MacHielse (Physiotherapist - Australian Netball Team)

“The Stretching Handbook is well written and sets out basic information for the individual in regards to muscles and stretching. The photo’s are a great asset.”

Jill McIntosh (Head Coach - Australian Netball Team)

“Overall, The Stretching Handbook is a great resource for coaches and athletes. It’s a compact book making it easy to fit into a bag or carry with you and it offers a quick and easy reference to stretches for all areas of the body.”

Dr John Flynn (M.B., B.S.) (Sports Medicine Australia)

“Up to now, while there has been a plethora of books about, ‘How to…….’, ‘The benefits of…….’ exercise, there has not been much advice offered regarding stretching. I believe your book fills that gap very well. Stretching is a very important and often neglected part of exercise. I congratulate you on your efforts and look forward to recommending your publication to my patients.”

Angela Calder (Performance Consultant - Australian Institute of Sport)

“The acceptance of the importance of flexibility and stretching for sport is commonplace, but appropriate and accessible information for athletes and coaches to use, is not always easy to find. The Stretching Handbook is designed to be a very portable and quick reference for athletes and coaches rather than an academic reference. To this end it is a very practical text with concise chapters written in an easy to read manner but without being punctuated by research findings or scientific references.”

“Overall, The Stretching Handbook is well laid out, user friendly and very suitable for athletes and developing coaches. It is a welcome addition to the limited number of texts which deal with stretching for sport.”

Katie Coyle (C.P.T.) (Fitness Coordinator, Kirkwood Famiy YMCA)

“Your topic on Piriformis Syndrome could not have been more timely. I just had a member ask me what to do about hip pain from walking on the treadmill and outside. The stretches you showed in the article will be great, in addition to the ones I previously shared with her. I love The Stretching Handbook and use it constantly. Thanks for your excellent resource articles.”

Tony Green (Strength & Conditioning Coach - Gold Coast Chargers RLFC)

“A thoroughly professional and comprehensive book on a subject that previously was very much neglected. It will play an important role for coaches and athletes in preparation for their specific sports. The Stretching Handbook is a must for anybody involved in the health and fitness industry.”

Craig Starcevich (B.Ed) (Fitness Co-ordinator - Brisbane Lions Football Club)

“The first publication to thoroughly cover the importance of stretching to improve performance, avoid injury and assist in recovery. A vital part of any athletes complete conditioning program.”

Janet Bothwell (National Director of Coaching - Netball Australia)

“The Stretching Handbook is a useful resource for all coaches. The photographs and explanations are clear and concise. A much needed resource.”

Magazine Reviews

Runner's World Magazine

“Anything that can motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often has to be a good thing. The physio recommends it, even demonstrates the latest, deepest and best. You go through the motions a couple of times until you are over your injury and then the routine stops. The Stretching Handbook is the book that will motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often.”

Sports Coach Magazine

“The Stretching Handbook is designed to be a very portable, quick reference guide for athletes and coaches rather than an academic reference. To this end it is a very practical text with concise chapters written in an easy to read manner but without being punctuated by research findings or scientific references. Overall, The Stretching Handbook is well laid out, user friendly and very suitable for athletes and developing coaches. It is a welcome edition to the limited number of texts which deal with stretching for sport.”

Total Sports Magazine

“This is a back-pocket handbook not a sit-on-the-shelf text book, says author and sports trainer, Brad Walker. This text is an easy-to-use, quick reference guide for everyone involved in health, fitness and sporting activities. With clear photographs and instructions accompanying each individual stretch, the book has been designed to provide invaluable assistance to coaches, trainers and athletes when planning and implementing their training sessions. It aims to minimize the likelihood of sports injury through poor preparation and increase athletic performance.

Bicycling Magazine

“The Stretching Handbook gives you a comprehensive array of stretches. The book outlines the benefits of stretching for maximum performance and injury prevention. Over 130 exercises are illustrated and explained. The author is a prominent sports trainer with more than 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry.”

Good Medicine Magazine

“Exercising while your muscles are stiff and cold is asking for trouble. According to Sports Medicine Australia, close to 6000 people sustain injuries every year, 50% of which could have been prevented by warming up properly first. Many people though, are not armed with enough information to stretch effectively. This is where The Stretching Handbook comes to the rescue. This 144 page soft cover book contains 135 black and white photos that clearly illustrate the correct stretching techniques.”

Triathlon Sports Magazine

“This very portable, yet comprehensive reference book about stretching is valuable for any athlete wanting to avoid injury and improve performance. This latest edition contains 135 high quality, black and white photographs of stretches indexed under specific body parts, with brief easy to read descriptions of each. What is different in this book to other stretching guides is the division of stretches into three levels according to your range of flexibility: general, intermediate or advanced. The benefits, types and rules of stretching and flexibility testing are also addressed. If you aren’t sold of the importance of stretching for enhancing performance, you will be after this read.”

Triathlete Magazine

“When Brad Walker scoured the shops looking for a comprehensive guide to stretching, he says he was continually disappointed. So, he decided to write his own. We all know we should stretch and that it plays a major role in minimizing our risk of injury and aiding our recovery from training and competition. But how many of us have skipped stretching, or done it in such a way that it really gives limited or no benefit at all? Perhaps now, with the knowledge from The Stretching Handbook you’ll make the commitment to include a range of stretches in your training regime.”

Swimming and Fitness Magazine

“With over 130 different stretches for the entire body, The Stretching Handbook is a comprehensive guide offering detailed information of the importance of stretching for all active participants in sport from the elite through to seasoned veterans. The book outlines the four types of stretching; explores the physiology of stretching; the dangers and limitations of poor flexibility; the benefits to be gained from a correct stretching routine; as well as the rules for a safe and effective stretching routine… This back-pocket handbook is a well written, easy to use, quick reference guide.”

Customer Testimonials

Fonnie Hall (Washington State, United States)

“I feel that when someone does a job well done, they deserve all the praise that one can offer up. In our times, it seems like we handicapped people are just pushed to the side. But, not with your company. I cannot even begin to thank you for helping me.”

“On June 8, 2005, I had an Anterior surgery replacing two discs, and they turned me over and put in seven levels of Stryker Hardware. I woke up with a totally paralyzed leg. The doctors said that I would never have any use of my leg. Then RSD, and Arachnoiditis developed. I didn’t think anything could get any worse.”

“Then one day I was so down. I was lower than a squashed bug on your windshield. I was just browsing the Internet and read about your stretching book, and articles. I sent off for your book right away in September 2006. My book looks like it is about forty years old with all the writing in the margins, and dog eared pages. I do not have a mat to put on the floor, so I just used some old blankets, and started stretching slowly. I am not jumping over hurdles, but I am using a cane, and the wheel-chair has cob webs on it. My Physical Therapist did my last evaluation, and was shocked over my range of motion. All this has happened in just a little over six months.”

“Now, when I wake up in the morning, I can’t wait to do some stretching before I get cleaned up and dressed for the day. I have made my stretching a daily ritual, and it feels good. Not too many people can say that doing any exercise feels good.”

“But thanks to you, I am using a leg that they said I would never use again. I feel that every Rehabilitation office and hospital should be using your book.”

“Thank you so much, God Bless and Angel Hugs, Fonnie Hall in Washington state.”

Devin (Colorado, United States)

“I’m a 56 year old distance runner and have been running since 1967. I’ve always stretched for many years, before and after running but your products have changed the way I warm up, the length of time spent warming up and especially the length of time holding each stretch. The last few years it seemed that whenever running a race of 10 miles or longer, my calves and Achilles tendons were especially sore and tight, to the extent I could not run for several days after races at those distances. In fact, my last 10 mile race in September of last year left me in such pain I was unable to run for over two weeks.

Earlier this month, after changing my stretching habits according to your materials, I ran a half-marathon in 1:25:47 at altitude and had none of the post race pain I experienced earlier when racing at this distance. I was able to run without discomfort in the days immediately following the race. I wore the same racing flats as my previous races so I feel the improved outcome was the result of my new warm up, and pre-race and post-race stretching regimen. Folks in my age group may not be elite athletes anymore but we still enjoy attaining good results and your products have helped in that regard. Thank you.”


Mark (Queensland, Australia)

“I am 58 yrs young and have suffered with lower back problems ever since I finished playing competitive Basketball in my mid thirties. Consequently I’ve ended up spending a small fortune over the years visiting Physios, Chiropractors, Remedial Massage experts, etc looking for ways to overcome my persistent back pain. During my visits to these doctors, they constantly informed me that my problems were caused by muscle imbalances and I found that whenever I pushed myself even a little bit that I would ultimately suffer the consequences. I collected numerous warm up exercises for my lower back problems but the difficulties continued.

Then I visited your website and I purchased a copy of your Stretching Handbook, DVD and Poster. I was keen to give these products a test run to see if they would help me overcome my difficulties.

As soon as I viewed the DVD I realised immediately that the exercises covered everything from my neck to my ankles. I started immediately and within a few days I noted that the pain in my lower back had almost disappeared. Within a few weeks I started to realise that my lower back was pain free and I felt like I had gotten my life back!

I now get up early every morning and complete my exercises before heading to work and then I stretch again before retiring to bed in the evening. I feel that the series of exercises that I found in your Stretching program has turned my life around and I know approach everything I do with a broad smile on my face and a definite skip in my step.

I now understand that I have little option but to continue with my stretching routine for my remaining years and I now look forward to being active in my golden years, because I bit the bullet and purchased your wonderful set of Stretching exercises and products.”

Deana Crumal (Texas, United States)

My name is Deana, I’m in my 50s, fairly active and healthy. Several injuries during life. Motor cycle accident as teenager resulted in broken neck, injured knees, injured shoulder. Came through that fairly well and went on with life. Several years ago severed tendon on top of left foot. Was repaired and have fairly good outcome. Little pain but do have limited movement. Over last 2 years over all body ok but becoming stiffer and feeling age. Ordered product looking for overall health stretches. Amazed and impressed. Have stretched for one week and already lot of improvement all over. Looking forward to more mobility. The knowledge behind the stretches and body movement very helpful as well.

Thank you for offering at reasonable price and easy to comprehend material. I am a stay at home mom, live on a farm and played sports in school so have some sports background but not for the last 30 years : )

I am trying to say that I feel your product is useful and easy to use even for those who are not currently in sports but would like to improve their everyday range of motion in their body. I am thankful to have come across your product and am delighted to see and feel the continued improvements I know will come.

Twitter review from the Book Chief

Sharin Louis (Kentucky, United States)

“Thank you for a job well done in putting together stretching exercises that are easy to follow correctly. I believe performing the proper stretches are helping me to recover from the accident I was involved in almost 3 years ago. I also appreciate the educational aspect of your website as well, in the form of your articles. As for your customer service, I have to say I have never dealt with a more caring and responsive company than yours. You have raised the standard to where it is my hope, others will follow. God’s blessings to you and yours.”

Nick (Bradford, United Kingdom)

“In preparing for my first competitive half marathon, I found the staff from The Stretching Institute to be exceedingly helpful. I received a personal response to my questions relating to training times, distances and training types and was so impressed with the speedy, personal touch that it motivated me to push myself that little bit further. The set-up of this company and the resources that they churn out are second to none in my experiences working as an exercise pro within the UK’s NHS. What a total blessing and I recommend them to any other budding athlete or health professional. Thank you!”

Janie Holt (Georgia, United States)

“I want to thank you wonderful people for the help you have given me. I struggled with sciatic nerve pain for two years before I found you and ordered the stretching video and book guide. What a difference! I know in time I will be pain free with your stretches. I have told everyone who has any problems about you. Thanks again for being the wonderful people you are.”

Francee (Wellington, New Zealand)

“As a Weight Loss Clinic we have a walking group and we train for various walking events, one of which is a half marathon. I am incorporation a stretching time both before & after our training as most people don’t do it. Your book is fabulous for this and there have been positive comments back from members.”

Cheryl L. Zey (Louisiana, United States)

The Stretching Handbook has been a great help. I am a Medical Massage Therapist and like to help my patients to understand the stretch with visualization, rather than my demonstration.”

Geraldine (Dublin, Ireland)

“Just wanted to say a big “thanks” for your suggestion that I use the piriformis stretch for my hip pain. I had almost given up hope of ever being able to run again. Now I’m back running three days a week. I have also used your book and website for stretches for a rotator cuff injury. Again, these have helped a lot and I am back to my favourite sport – Rowing, every weekend. I had assumed my problems were age related (I’m 53) but by paying attention to stretching specific muscles before and after each outing, I’m mostly pain-free and enjoying my sport again. Thanks a million.”

Gail Russo, LMBT (North Carolina, United States)

“I just received my set of your new Stretching Charts; they are beautiful, detailed and user-friendly. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. For visual people these stretches will be very helpful in conveying muscle usage to my clients. Great product, beautifully depicted. Thank you.”

Mark (Bend, Oregon, United States)

“InstantStretch has helped me provide my clients with professional looking stretching assignments, which builds my credibility with the client and also helps them heal faster.”

Brian (Kingston, ON Canada)

“I received the order this week. It is really helpful. I am a walker but like the long distance and quick pace so back, shoulder, legs all get a good workout and are left very tight some times. As stated in the book before and after the workout stretching is so important, in a couple weeks I can already see the difference. The walks are more natural and less of an effort and the day after a hard workout I am left feeling like I could do it again and I want to.”

John (Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States)

“I wanted to take some time and personally thank you for honoring my order on your recent warehouse sale. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a DVD in place of the VHS tape. Most companies would not have done this and I commend your business ethic. I will certainly recommend your company and products to my friends and colleagues. Best wishes for continued success and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.”

Barb (Alaska, United States)

“The Stretching Handbook is very clear and informative. The DVD also is great… very helpful. I would highly recommend this product because the guided exercises are so complete and easy to follow.”

Albert (Surrey, United Kingdom)

“I set up InstantStretch and it is working perfect!!! Thanks for an awesome product. I will be able to use this for so many clients of mine. In fact, I have already produced three routines for clients that I see tomorrow. It is amazing how much time this will save me in the future. Thank you so much again for making this available for therapists.”

Subhash (Pune, India)

Your Stretching handbook is a wonderful product. It has helped me overcoming my back pain as well as stiffness in my muscles. I am diabetic and had suffered frozen shoulder about a year back, and although physiotherapy has helped, your stretching instructions have done wonders. Thanks for your excellent stretching methods.”

Ginny (Hamburg, United States)

“The Stretching Handbook is by far the best book I’ve ever found on this subject. This is a very thorough book on stretching.”

Robert (Pullman, United States)

“I liked everything. It might be the best information on this subject I’ve read. I thought the exercise descriptions and photos were excellent.”

Caroline (United States)

“Piriformis Syndrome is what I was FINALLY diagnosed with after four grueling months of pain and being out of work last year at this time. I’m so grateful for your information. I am totally healed, but I find that if I don’t keep my piriformis well oiled, it hurts from inactivity.”

Sunday (Koloa, United States)

“It was easy to read and understand, and the pictures were a good way of identifying the stretches and showing the proper body positions.”

Ted (Florida, United States)

“For one year I have had a knee problem. The orthopedic surgeon numbed my knee but the pain remained. This, he said, indicated the problem is likely to be the hip and scheduled me for a hip numbing procedure five days from today. I got into the internet, found your page yesterday and began the iliotbial exercises. This morning, for the first time in a year, I sat down, placed my foot across the other leg and put my sock and shoe on with hardly any discomfort. This is outrageous!! I love you!! Thank You, Thank You!! I’m 80 years old this March. Thanks for this wonderful, unbelievable gift!”

Elizabeth (Washington, United States)

“After showing my clients what I want them to do, I can send them out of the office with a printout of the Stretching program that I want them to do at home. It’s great! I have found that the client is now getting better at their Homework between visits to my office.”

Jean (Middlesbrough, United Kingdom)

“I found your website some time back and kept going back to the articles. I Thought it would be difficult to order from abroad but it was so easy. I’ve been coaching athletics for 50 years now so its never to late to learn or reinforce ideas. Thanks.”

Dennis (Yorkshire, United Kingdom)

“As a 65 year old, with the help of your great stretching books, I managed to play a full game in the Masters Game last Sunday against the great Ozz team that are visiting our shores. We had a fantastic time and I was able to go to work on Monday because I followed your advice on stretching. Thanks, keep up the good work.”

Robert (Ontario, Canada)

“After I had injured my Achilles I was determined to find a good stretching program that could really help me. I came across your website and spoke to someone online who convinced me to go with your Stretching DVD. The DVD has been amazing… it is so clear and easy to follow. I have now worked it into my weekly stretching program and use the DVD every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have noticed a great difference in the past week or so, and members of our running team say I look much stronger. I believe your stretching routine has set me on the right track and has helped me push through my workouts much harder and with faster recuperation time than I’ve been able to do before. Thanks for your Stretching DVD and all the work your team put into it.”

Deanna (Queensland, Australia)

“With the InstantStretch software I am now able to give my clients clear and specific stretches via email that they can have access to anytime. It has saved me much time and effort sourcing stretches and putting together routines and printing/scanning them. I have received very good feedback from my clients. It also gives me more confidence and easily helps me to find stretches for specific sports and muscle groups. Best purchase I have made since being a remedial massage therapist. Thanks.”

James (London, United Kingdom)

“In the Stretching Handbook, I have found a goldmine of information on stretching techniques, plus many other helpful hints, all explained clearly and precisely. For someone like myself who is new to stretching, this is a real bonus. I recommend this book without hesitation!”

Daine Gerrard

“I have been looking for an answer to my re-accuring calf injury for almost 4 years and today I finally found the answers to all my questions on your site. I have had physio’s massage my calf a couple of times and tell me to stretch over and over and I have wasted a lot of money and still I have lots of scar tissue. Thank you so much for your easy to follow information. I know what I have to do and what I have been doing wrong and its all thanks to you. Thanks again :)”

Charles (California, United States)

“The stretching Handbook and DVD combo pack cannot be matched by any other stretch products on the market! How do I know? I spent 2-hours a day (lunch time and evening) researching online via google any all website sources COMPARATIVELY for the ideal stretching information and products, especially audiio-visual, quality pictures, muscle-group-presented, in easy to understand language with honest cautions about the levels of difficulty and risks.”

Mel (Ohio, United States)

“I have a medial collateral knee sprain. Within a week and a half of doing the injury specific stretches I was almost without pain. I believe I will be pain free in another week or so.”

Tracey (Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

“The InstantStretch software is great, it allows me to generate professional stretching routines for my clients. It’s very simple to use with just a few clicks I can generate a whole routine for my clients which I can either print off or email to them. It saves me a lot of time as I do not have to waste time on my laptop generating my own routines. No more time spent on the web looking for routines to use.”

Elizabeth Dove (Shoalwater, Western Australia)

“Yesterday after doing several rotations of your neck stretches (from your precious Stretch book) and other full body stretches, today I feel better than I have for the past fortnight. After all the work I have been doing to maintain my body, mind and spirit over the past years, I felt compelled to write in order to thank you. Your book has, is and will be my body/mind guide, I know it’s reliable and will remain that way.”

James (South Carolina, United States)

“Our business is training young basketball players. After their skills and strength and conditioning training our players get real tight and painful muscles. The Stretching Handbook helps us find muscle specific stretches that help them get back into training form.”

Duane Koszalka (Kansas, United States)

“I have been applying the stretching techniques you teach in your book, The Stretching Handbook, before and after exercise for nearly a year now: Specifically the ITB, hamstrings and other leg and back muscles stretches. This is the first cycling season that I don’t have knee pain! Thank you for compiling such a valuable resource.”

Martin (Pennsylvania, United States)

“We are so happy with the DVD, Stretch-Strap and Handbook. We have been exercising for more than 20 years, yet never heard of so many of these stretches. We like that two people are displayed on the DVD, and the Handbook is great not only with pictures, but explanations. We just loaned the DVD out to a friend of ours who has never exercised before and wants to begin. We loaned the DVD to her, as we felt it was important to start stretching before beginning any exercise (she is in her 60’s).”

Maddy (Canberra, Australia)

“I’m a personal trainer and would just like to thank you for your helpful and informative website. A client of mine presented with an injury known as frozen shoulder (inflammation of the glenohumeral shoulder joint) and your website not only provided me with a clear and succinct description of the ailment (complete with diagrams) but provided an excellent program of stretching and rotator cuff exercises that I can put in place for my client. So thankyou – I now know a lot more about an injury that I had limited knowledge about and have the confidence to train my client.”

Maureen Keil (Inverness, United Kingdom)

“I hang my posters up every week on the walls as habit now, and my swimmers can see what exercises benefit them, and what exercises to do for injury problems. They also get into the habit of finishing their sessions and straight into there post stretching routine. The posters are a great source of information to the swimmers.”

Alan (Victoria, Australia)

“I want to firstly thank you for the stretching tips. They were great and will provide assistance in talking with others about the importance of this topic. I have already purchased a copy of the Stretching Handbook and it has already proven a valuable resource for me as a massage therapist and sports trainer. Keep up the good work.”

Julian (Israel)

“I have incorporated a great many of the stretches in your book into my training routines with clients. All of the stretches you recommend have helped all of the people I advise and work with (all ages) feel better.”

Steve (Montana, United States)

“I am almost 66 years old, very active, and have been suffering from femoral / patellar pain from tight muscles due to excessive hill hiking and backpacking. Since starting your stretching routine from the Stretching Handbook, the pain has disappeared. Also, I have had pain behind the knee while squatting to the ground to pick something up. This pain has also diminished greatly on a daily basis and I expect it to disappear altogether.”

Charles (Bristol, United Kingdom)

“StretchBand and handbook have arrived safely and being put to good use. Thank you very much indeed for your excellent customer care.”

Corey (Wisconsin, United States)

“Thank you for the prompt service and professional follow-up. I received my order and look forward to using the book on many, many occasions. I also appreciate the E-Mails with all the great information. A very satisfied customer.”

Stephany (Queensland, Australia)

“Your products are great! very useful and I will be buying more in the future. Thank you for the great resources available and keep up the great work!”

Joel (Victoria, Australia)

“Thank you very much for following up on my order, I received it last week and have the products very valuable thus far. I have appreciated the service and the constant communication and will definitely recommend your products to others.”

Jane (Alberta, Canada)

“Absolutely love your stuff… and the info is invaluable that you provide on your site.”

Paul (Whyalla, Australia)

I like your writing style: clear; interesting; and to the point. I enjoyed the chapter, A Stretching Story. It was a good example of the benefits of stretching.”

Carmit (Israel)

“A few months ago I purchased some products from you and they had not arrived. After complaining, you told me that you will re-send them, and they have finally arrived. I wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service and for being extremely fair dealing with me. I was feeling uneasy about complaining, because I’m not used to such excellent treatment. Thank you very much. I’m going to recommend you to all of my friends.”

John Hooge (BC, Canada)

“I use your stretching exercises and tips on a daily basis. I started learning Taekwon-Do as a mature (okay old) student. I find they really help me relax and loosen up. If I had a particularly hard workout the day before, I make sure I do a stretching routine. It allows blood to flow through the tense muscles, helping them to relax and feel better. I have also had a lot of problems with my sinus over the years. I found a surprise side benefit of my stretching routine was that it straightened my spine and relieve a lot of the sinus pressure. I also found that it relieved some joint pain and gives me an overall good feeling. I realize now that I seriously underestimated the benefits of stretching. I have purchased several of your products and really enjoy the tips you send me on a regular basis. I have recommended your site to several people and have printed a few of your tips (with your website and links) and given them to people that could really use that specific tip. Thanks a lot for all your help.”

Peter (Queensland, Australia)

Stretching Charts received, laminated, hanging on my wall and being used already… thanks… love your work!!!”

Tracy (NJ, United States)

“I just wanted to let you know that I love the stretching poster even more than the book, because it is right there in front of me, reminding me what to do, without having to find the book or page number to start. Thanks for a really great product.”

Gary (Ireland)

“Your products have been a great help to me and my family. Performing our stretches every morning is great and we are feeling the benefits too. On a professional level, they are good for me, as I am studying to be a physical therapist and it’s a great resource tool for me and my clients.”

Manicon (London, United Kingdom)

“The Stretching DVD is excellent. I am an UK athletics coach, working with junior sprinters and have devised a training program to include the stretches. Thank you for another excellent product.”

Joyce (Minnesota, United States)

“I have used the stretching DVD now for a few weeks. The shoulder problem I have been experiencing has much improved with use of the demonstrated exercise. With added mobility in the shoulder and less tension in the neck muscles, my headaches have also gone. Thank you so much.”

Lance (New Jersey, United States)

“I was having severe knee problems due to very tight hamstrings and related thigh muscles. After 3 weeks of using the Stretching DVD, my knee problems have disappeared. I am now more flexible and less prone to injury during tennis matches.”

Denise (Pennsylvania, United States)

“I’ve been following the stretching techniques, especially with the Stretch-Band, after each workout and/or on alternate days. It has helped to stretch my muscles out and keep the lactic acid build-up to a minimum. I’ve witnessed greater flexibility and strength among my joints that I haven’t had in many years. My range of motion is greater as well. Thanks Brad for recognizing the great need for information on proper stretching techniques and injury prevention; and thanks to all who have contributed over the years! I’m grateful to have found this site!”

Stan (Florida, United States)

“I am a 73 year old male. Play tennis four times a week and workout with weights two times a week. Have been lifting weights for 50 some odd years. Within the last two years I’ve experienced sciatic nerve problems. Have used the Stretching DVD for the past month and I have experienced considerable relief. I believe that this is from doing my morning stretches with the Stretching DVD. Would highly recommend the Stretching DVD.”

Rosalie (California, United States)

“After several years of suffering from mild intermittent pain and immobility in my left shoulder/arm (probably due to age & repetitive movements), i woke up 8 weeks ago in excrutiating pain, unable to move my arm. Not wanting surgery or endless, useless physical therapy, I found your site on google search, thought it was worth a try, and began your rotator cuff treatment program. Today am nearly pain-free and have regained about 90% mobility. What discomfort i do have is very mild. I am continuing the program and expect to attain full recovery. I have also begun the whole-body stretching routine in the bonus material i received… at 54 years of age, i’ve never felt better!”

Dennis France (Maidstone, United Kingdom)

“I’m very satisfied with the product. It’s what I wanted and exactly as describe in the advertisements. Thank you for your kind service, which was also first class.”

David Bell (Colorado, United States)

“I have read some of your articles and listened to your advice. One that has given me the greatest relief has been your advice to stretch just before going to bed. This has done more to relieve my morning backache than anything else I have tried. I have your Stretching Handbook and am amazed at the great variety of stretches – most of which I have never even heard about.”

Sue Baugh (Illinois, United States)

“I’ve been working at step 2 for 3 months – believe me, I had my doubts this would work and was tempted to quit several times. However, I stuck with it. So glad I did. I’ve recovered nearly all the range of motion I used to have; with no pain!! I used heat, massage, acupuncture, and gentle motion. I had plenty of pain along the way, aching at night, healing pain after acupuncture, you know the drill. I’m thrilled to say I’m on Step 3 at last!! I’m following the steps religiously and have encouraged several people to get the Rotator Cuff Treatment System and STICK WITH IT no matter how long step 2 takes. It’s so worth it. Even when I had a minor re-injury, I went back to steps 1 and 2 and took care of it. I hope to move on to step 4 soon. Thanks so much for developing this system, Brad. You are a genius.”

Cheryl Thomure (Mahomet, IL United States)

“I love the stretching DVD. I did not know how to reach all those areas in my neck, shoulders, and back where I carry a lot of tension. I feel so much better after doing your exercises. After I do it,  I don’t feel like I need to go to the chiropractor for an adjustment, I can feel my back slide into place while I am going through the DVD. When I am driving home from work, I think about how anxious I am to get home and do the DVD, it releases so much tension.   This video is very well done,  I can tell you put a lot into it. This DVD is a high quality product, and promotes a healthy life style for me. Thank you so much!”

Joyce Banttari (Minnesota, United States)

“I recently had knee replacement and your routines have helped me in my rehabilitation efforts. I also used the routines to build strength prior to the surgery, making the whole joint replacement experience much easier to heal from. I was walking unaided in seven days to the amazement of my physical therapists. I’m 68 year old by the way.”

Michelle Ramsundar (London, United Kingdom)

“I can’t thank you enough. Your products are brilliant and your support is second to none. Extremely refreshing in this day and age! Thanks again.”

Pat (Kansas City, Missouri, United States)

“I had a accident while garden two years ago and have been going to my family doctor who referred me to a orthopedic specialist and they sent me to physical therapist and they still could not figure out what was wrong, It made me feel so, so hopeless because I was in so much pain. But because of The Stretching Institute I am pain free. Your exercise regimen really worked for me. When I first started I cried a lot because it was very uncomfortable but I held the stretches and it help make me pain free. I am not out of the woods yet, however I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Michelle (Groton, Massachusetts, United States)

“The first couple of days I was sore from doing all of the stretching. But, I was persistent and I am not sore when I do them anymore. Also, the lower back pain that I was having is gone 99% of the time. And, I was having pain across my back (roughly between my shoulder blades) that seemed to be related to hunching-over when doing housework chores that is now gone most of the time! What a treat that has been! Also, I am generally much, much calmer now and nicer to be around! Thank you very much!”

Karen (Aberdeen, Scotland)

“Your products are absolutely fantastic and really easy to use. My clients are happy because now they can see what exercises they need to do. I am really happy with all your products and do recommend your website to others.”

Avatara Ayuso Vigario (London, United Kingdom)

“I’m a professional dancer. Firstly I just want to thank you for this incredibly useful website. The clarity of your explanations and precision helps me to apply your ideas in my daily training, but mainly in my teaching activities. Specially in the dance world, there are many bad habits that are not solved and our routines are not as good as they should be. I’m applying the knowledge you share in my ballet and contemporary classes, and everything is and feels much healthier for the students. Thanks again.”

Melanie (NSW, Australia)

“I’ve just been looking for some information on iliopsoas tendonitis and found your website. Your article on this conditions was great – informative, succinct and comprehensive, but easy to read. I used to manage a consulting company with 40 scientists working for me, and none of them could write without a liberal sprinkling of jargon (which makes for incredibly frustrating peer review!). It’s really refreshing to see such top-quality information. Thanks for making my day a little easier.”

Gloria (New Jersey, United States)

“This is a wonderful book. It has been very helpful to me. I’m glad I found your website and ordered the book.”

Bonnie Lee (Hong Kong, China)

“As a health and fitness specialist as well as a sports coach, I am pleased with your InstantStretch v3.0 software because it is very user-friendly. It is very efficient for me to generate a stretching routine for use by our program participants. I am also very much impressed by your after sale caring service. I highly recommend this to any sports and fitness enthusiasts.”

Neil (United States)

“Thank you for your great in-depth information! I have been studying on and off for 20+ years and your info is better than many library’s I have visited. I have paid for info in the past but your info is better than most and more understandable. I wish this had have been available years ago, I would have saved many hundreds of dollars.”

Sandra (Highland, United Kingdom)

“I have seen a dramatic improvement in a long term injury. Within a few weeks of using the Stretching DVD at least 80% of the pain had gone and I got three PB’s in the space of 6 weeks at 10k!”

Jim (Florida, United States)

“I’m 41 years old, working over in Afghanistan in the emergency services field and I have noticed a significant improvement in flexibility in a short period of time. The StretchBand allows me to focus on my breathing and not worry about my trying to keep my foot straight. All the guys in the firehouse use it! I told them to buy your own!”

Philippa (United States)

“I am just about to graduate from massage school and I really wish your book was given to us in school here in the States – it is of superior knowledge and clarity and I feel I would have come out with a much clearer understanding and interest if I had access to it earlier. You have made everything easier to understand by the way you write, and of course the actual pictures help considerably.”

Ron (British Columbia, Canada)

“The Stretching Charts are phenomenal. When my physiotherapist describes what he is doing, the anatomical charts aid me in further understanding his intent in treatment.”

Gerri (Ohio, United States)

“I have much less hip pain now! I was afraid I had a bad hip due to sporadic pain I was experiencing, but a massage therapist I visited on a bike trip a year ago suggested it was a tight psoas. I did the psoas stretches in your program noted for psoas, and have felt much better since then. Whenever it starts up, I do the stretches and all is well.”

Selwyn (Mt. Roskill, New Zealand)

“The language is simple and straight forward, avoiding all those frustrating medical expressions. The introduction is clear and goes to the trouble of explaining all the reasons for the various stretches.”

Warren & Barbara (Gold Coast, Australia)

“Thanks for the prompt supply of The Stretching Handbook. We are mature age kayakers and need the help of constant stretching. Your book is excellent!”


“Many thanks for the Stretching & Sports Injury Report! Because of the latest update you have sent, I have been able to identify the shoulder injury I have sustained and how to manage it.”

“I think that I injured my right shoulder rotator cuff twelve days ago during a long and closely contested tennis doubles match. Since then, I have reduced the frequency of my tennis matches from six to three times a week because my top spin drive has become a painful effort. With the tips I got from you today, I am confident that I will be able to get back to my playing frequency and technique pretty soon. Again, many thanks.”

Jean (New Mexico, United States)

“I am currently using the Stretching DVD, as I had back surgery 10 years ago and really didn’t have anyone to help me increase my core strength and help with stabilization of my lower back. I spent more than 25 years in and out of episodes of pain and I am now wanting to be strong so I can do what I want to do with my life. Where were you 25 years ago? When I think how much your stretching DVD has done to help me in the last 4 months… I really would recommend your products to others. In fact, I have actually shared your website.”

Deb (Victoria, Australia)

What a brilliant site… of the best I have ever entered….the information you display is magnificent….I have just got a job as a trainer for my local football club here in Victoria (I am a training masseur) and this site has been of great benefit…keep it up.”

Natalie (Ontario, Canada)

“The DVD on stretching is very well done. I especially like the countdown clock as I feel I am not left alone, in doing the routines. I go through the stretches daily – it only takes 30 minutes and feel energized afterwards. Well done – thanks!”

Alexander (Bahrain)

“I would like to express our thanks to the Stretching Institute for the wonderful opportunity to make use the the different stretching techniques provided to us through the InstantStretch software. Part of the services that we provide to our patients and clients is to educate them about their physical problems. The InstantStretch software helped us to accomplish this goal. From the time we purchased and started with the software, we are able to provide written home instruction to our patients and clients. Again, thank you.”

Tom (Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, AK, United States)

“Your information on stretching has made a huge difference in my personal fitness level. I am 61 and still play in three basketball leagues (over 30, over 40, over 50) and found that I was having regular leg injuries. Once I started receiving your information and applying it, the injuries have stopped. I run a Fitness Center for the Air Force. We have put more stretching into our instructional programs and our customers have given us very positive feedback. So, long story short, thanks for all the great information. Keep it coming.”

Chander (Middlesex, United Kingdom)

“I am 56 years old and used to get knee pain after playing badminton and I used to wear knee pad. After taking my x-ray my doctor told me I am suffering from arthritis and there is no treatment and I have to live with it. Since I started stretching exercises before and after playing badminton my knee pain has disappeared and I am not using knee pad. I really want to thank you Stretching Institute. It works. I am a happy customer!”

Sheila (Devon, United Kingdom)

“I have been teaching yoga for 30 years and have read so many books. Truthfully, I can say your stretching video and book guide has been worth buying.”

Miriam (Queensland, Australia)

“I have found your InstantStretch software to be a great asset to my business. Instead of just telling my clients to stretch I have given them all a copy of the stretches most applicable to their trouble areas and for general flexibility. Now I give them surprise tests on how to perform a variety of stretches just to check whether they are doing their homework. And they do get homework. I am also always very impressed with Brad Walkers obviously genuine interest in helping people and promoting a healthier and more flexible humankind. I believe that’s our purpose in this choice of endeavour. I would like to thank Brad for his great spirit and generousity.”

Don Wroten (Souderton, PA, United States)

“I have been dealing with upper and lower back pain for many years. Pain and stiffness had become a part of my life. You just learn how to deal with it. After many doctors and at least one shot in the lower back I learned how to survive with my newest best friend who was always with me. Somehow I ran across an ad from you and just thought I would take a look at it. I purchase a stretch rope and the stretching chart. My life has been changed. My best friend has pretty much left the house. I do a daily stretching routine and my range of motion has greatly improved and my pain is hardly noticeable. I am absolutely ecstatic that I can now move around like I haven’t been able to in years.”

“I actually was doing yard work with no pain last weekend. This is huge for me and especially at my age. I just want to thank you for what you do and I pray you will continue your work to the benefit of others. The results of your program is like a miracle and just totally unbelievable.”

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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