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Improve your athletic performance, minimize sports injury and do away with stiff, aching muscles & joints

Take your flexibility to the next level with the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility.

Fully Updated, 3rd Edition Now Available!

Immerse yourself in 44 videos and 135 photographs of unique stretching exercises. Clear, top quality, professional photographs and video footage that show you, step-by-step, how to perform each stretch EXACTLY!

With these cutting-edge flexibility tools you’ll be guided step-by-step by a world renowned flexibility and sports injury expert through the exact stretches that will benefit you the most.

Plus, there are so many stretches to choose from you’ll never have to worry about running out of different stretches to do.

The handbook includes 135 stretches and the DVD includes 44 video demonstrations to help you improve athletic performance, minimize sports injury and do away with stiff, aching muscles and joints.


No more stick figures. No more hand-drawn pictures. No more trying to remember which stretch to do. No more trying to remember the correct form and technique. You’ll be doing the right stretch, the right way, every time.

And I’ve simplified things for you by categorizing all the stretches into the major muscle groups of the body. Need a stretch for your shoulders? Flick to that section and there are over 15 to choose from. What about your back? Over 22 to choose from.

I helped Kerrie! …and I can help you too

For over 20 years I’ve been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals; and recently I was working with a young lady who was sick and tired of tight muscles and stiff joints. She wanted to learn a few new stretches and improve her flexibility.

client_001Kerrie had tried a few things in the past, but nothing worked for any longer than a day or two. Her tight muscles and stiff joints had got to the point where it was difficult to sit in one spot for any period of time; so Kerrie decided to get some help.

After talking with Kerrie we decided to add a general stretching routine to her daily workout and a few additional stretches both before and after playing tennis. (That’s me on the right, working with Kerrie in one of our one-on-one sessions.)

client_002Within a few days of using my breakthrough stretching techniques Kerrie’s general flexibility improved considerably. We then went on to incorporate a number of specific stretches to further increase the flexibility of her back and surrounding muscles like the hamstrings and shoulders.

The improvements over the next couple of weeks were remarkable. No more pain. No more tight muscles and stiff joints. No more straining to bend down. And best of all, she could now play tennis without her lower back tightening up and her legs getting sore and tired.

Optimum health and peak performance…

“(Brad’s book is) an excellent, important guide to optimum health and peak performance. Read, learn, implement and enjoy the benefits of wellness and enhanced quality of life.”

Denis Waitley (PhD)

(Author & Past Chairman - US Olympic Committee)

I make it super simple to understand

As I said earlier, I’ve been helping people achieve their health and fitness goals for a long time, and a few years ago I noticed that a lot of the problems people were coming to me for could be easily fixed with a simple stretching program.

So I started to look for an easy-to-use guide to stretching. A book that took stretching seriously with a detailed list and picture of every possible stretch a person can do. In my search I found many books where stretching got a mention, but nothing more than a page or two of vague generalizations and a few stick figures performing some very basic stretches.

I couldn’t believe there was nothing available for the average person. That’s when I decided to write the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility.

Don’t Get Me Wrong… This Ain’t No Whimsy Book About Plain Stretching!

Unlike guides with only hand drawings or stick figures, the Ultimate Guide includes real photos of real people showing you exactly how each stretch works!

Take a look at some of the pictures on the right, which are taken straight out of book.

You DON’T need any special, costly equipment or training to make the most of your workouts, maximize your performance, and get rid of those annoying, nagging pains you can never seem to do away with!

Best of all, you can implement my techniques in just a few minutes as part of your regular workout or warm-up routine.

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching is one of the only books available today to contain photographs (not diagrams, cartoons or illustrations) of 135 unique, individual stretches. Yes, one hundred and thirty five!

And I mean 135 unique, individual stretches: Not 5 variations of 20 stretches, but 135 different stretches.

Each stretch targets a specific muscle group, and comes with a clear, high quality photograph, as well as a step-by-step description of exactly how the stretch is performed. No room for guessing!

Stretch book fig002
Stretch book fig005
Stretch book fig011
Stretch book fig004

My techniques boost performance and cut recovery time by days

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility teaches everything you need to know to maximize your workouts and minimize your injuries. You’ll discover how muscles react to exercise, and why your muscles get sore after a workout. Plus 9 important types of stretching to help prevent sports injury and put a stop to post exercise muscle soreness.

This information will keep you injury-FREE and on top of your game. With the Ultimate Guide, you get all the information you need to maximize your workout, including:

The simple stretching techniques to help you run, swim or ride faster — yes, faster! — without training any harder.
The secret list of 23 back stretches to do away with back pain for good! (Your chiropractor will hate me for this!)
The one thing you must do before playing any sport or doing any exercise. (And it takes less than one minute to do!)
The 6 rules to get the most out of your stretching and sports injury prevention… Violate these rules at your own risk!
How to warm-up properly to cut your chance of sports injury by over 50%… That’s right, down to half or more (likely more!).
The biggest mistake you can make after a tough workout. (Surprise! Most people ignore this simple yet costly rule…)
How to test and monitor your flexibility and susceptibility to sports injury using this simple method (it’s as easy as 1-2-3!).
The one technique to chop down your recovery time by days, if not weeks. (Imagine a recovery in 1 or 2 days instead of weeks…)
The simple but little-used regimen that’s not only essential but also critical to a full recovery! (And it’s not what you think.)
And so much more! This is only a small sample of the exciting information included in the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility.

I recommend it to my patients…

“Up to now, while there has been a plethora of books about, ‘How to…….’, ‘The benefits of…….’ exercise, there has not been much advice offered regarding stretching. I believe your book fills that gap very well. Stretching is a very important and often neglected part of exercise. I congratulate you on your efforts and look forward to recommending your publication to my patients.”

Dr John Flynn (M.B., B.S.)

(Sports Medicine Australia)

Well laid out and user friendly

“The acceptance of the importance of flexibility and stretching for sport is commonplace, but appropriate and accessible information for athletes and coaches to use, is not always easy to find. The Stretching Handbook is designed to be a very portable and quick reference for athletes and coaches rather than an academic reference. To this end it is a very practical text with concise chapters written in an easy to read manner but without being punctuated by research findings or scientific references.”

“Overall, The Stretching Handbook is well laid out, user friendly and very suitable for athletes and developing coaches. It is a welcome addition to the limited number of texts which deal with stretching for sport.”

Angela Calder

(Performance Consultant - Australian Institute of Sport)

I had no idea stretching was so important…

“The Ultimate Guide to Stretching has given me a greater understanding and appreciation of the importance of stretching. After reading the Ultimate Guide my coach and I decided to write specific stretching time into my program, thus taking stretching far more seriously. It is definitely a book that anybody wanting to exercise and even more so, elite athletes, should have by their side.”

Greg Bennett

(World Champion Triathlete)

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The workout optimization and injury prevention “Bible”

product-stretching-handbookThe Ultimate Guide is the book you keep with you wherever you go. It’s great to refer to when you need information or a photograph of a particular stretch for any part of the body. It’s a complete reference handbook that assists in the planning and implementation of your training and rehabilitation sessions.

That’s why the Ultimate Guide has gained a reputation as being one of the most user-friendly publications on stretching, flexibility and sports injury prevention on the market today! So what does that mean to YOU?

It means you don’t have to struggle with medical jargon or complex data that only drives you further away from your goal, or takes hours to learn. The tips and techniques you’ll learn don’t come from textbooks or long-winded academic references, but from years of experience with world-class amateur and professional athletes!

Bottom-line, it is an absolute “must have” guide for anybody wanting to improve their athletic performance and eradicate muscle pain for good. Here’s what’s included…


144 pages in a convenient A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches or 148mm x 210mm), featuring 150 photos of 135 unique stretching exercises.


Chapter 1 provides a basic overview of physiology, fitness and flexibility.


The many benefits of stretching are outlined in chapters 2 and 3.


Chapter 4 details the different types of stretching.


While stretching guidelines (i.e., rules and “how to”) are presented in chapters 5 and 6.


Chapter 7 deals specifically with flexibility testing.


While the final chapter and ultimate strength of the book, contains 135 photographs of each stretch with step-by-step instructions.

And a unique spiral binding that allows the book to lay flat without closing on itself, which means you don’t have to hold the book open with one hand while you’re trying to do the stretches.

Why you should listen to me

Brad Walker - AKA The Stretch Coach My name is Brad Walker and I’m a Health Science graduate of the University of New England with postgraduate accreditations in athletics, swimming and triathlon coaching.

I’ve been involved in stretching, flexibility and sports injury management since the early 1990’s. I’ve lectured for some of the world’s most renowned sports medicine organizations. And I’ve coached elite level and world champion athletes from sports as diverse as triathlon, roller skating, squash, motor cycle racing and baseball.

I’ve written 5 books on stretching and sports injury management; including the Anatomy of Stretching and the Anatomy of Sports Injuries. And Amazon has listed my books at the top of five of their Best-Seller lists.

My stretching and sports injury articles have been published in numerous health and fitness magazines and extensively online at sites like About.com, Athletes.com and BodyBuilding.com. Magazines such as Runners World, Bicycling, Triathlete, Swimming and Fitness, and Triathlon Sports have all featured my work. And Google cites over 100,000 references to me and my work on the internet.

100,000 Google references for Brad Walker and Stretching

40,000 people have improved their flexibility

That’s right! Over 40,000 people just like you have used my Ultimate Guide to become stronger, faster and more agile. Plus eradicate muscle pain for good, and shrink their chances of future injury.

And I’ve got satisfied customers from 122 countries that have sent 100’s of personal testimonials about how I’ve helped them. Here are just a few…

Best book ever…

“The Ultimate Guide is by far the best book I’ve ever found on this subject. This is a very thorough book on stretching.”


(Hamburg, United States)

Clear, interesting, and to the point…

“I like your writing style: clear; interesting; and to the point. I enjoyed the chapter, A Stretching Story. It was a good example of the benefits of stretching.”


(Whyalla, Australia)

Simple and straight forward…

“The language is simple and straight forward, avoiding all those frustrating medical expressions. The introduction is clear and goes to the trouble of explaining all the reasons for the various stretches.”


(Mt. Roskill, New Zealand)

The photos are excellent…

“I liked everything. It might be the best information on this subject I’ve read. I thought the exercise descriptions and photos were excellent.”


(Pullman, United States)

Identifies the proper body positions…

“It was easy to read and understand, and the pictures were a good way of identifying the stretches and showing the proper body positions.”


(Koloa, United States)

Your book is excellent…

“Thanks for the prompt supply of book. We are mature age kayakers and need the help of constant stretching. Your book is excellent!”

Warren & Barbara

(Gold Coast, Australia)

What’s the media saying?

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility has undergone rigorous reviews by some of the most respected professionals in the health and fitness industries; receiving outstanding endorsements from the world’s sporting elite. Check out what a few well-known fitness magazines say about the Ultimate Guide…

Runner's World Magazine

“Anything that can motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often has to be a good thing. The physio recommends it, even demonstrates the latest, deepest and best. You go through the motions a couple of times until you are over your injury and then the routine stops. The Stretching Handbook is the book that will motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often.”

Sports Coach Magazine

“The Stretching Handbook is designed to be a very portable, quick reference guide for athletes and coaches rather than an academic reference. To this end it is a very practical text with concise chapters written in an easy to read manner but without being punctuated by research findings or scientific references. Overall, The Stretching Handbook is well laid out, user friendly and very suitable for athletes and developing coaches. It is a welcome edition to the limited number of texts which deal with stretching for sport.”

Good Medicine Magazine

“Exercising while your muscles are stiff and cold is asking for trouble. According to Sports Medicine Australia, close to 6000 people sustain injuries every year, 50% of which could have been prevented by warming up properly first. Many people though, are not armed with enough information to stretch effectively. This is where The Stretching Handbook comes to the rescue. This 144 page soft cover book contains 135 black and white photos that clearly illustrate the correct stretching techniques.”

Bicycling Magazine

“The Stretching Handbook gives you a comprehensive array of stretches. The book outlines the benefits of stretching for maximum performance and injury prevention. Over 130 exercises are illustrated and explained. The author is a prominent sports trainer with more than 15 years experience in the health and fitness industry.”

Runner's World Magazine

“Anything that can motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often has to be a good thing. The physio recommends it, even demonstrates the latest, deepest and best. You go through the motions a couple of times until you are over your injury and then the routine stops. The Stretching Handbook is the book that will motivate you to stretch sensibly and more often.”

Swimming and Fitness Magazine

“With over 130 different stretches for the entire body, The Stretching Handbook is a comprehensive guide offering detailed information of the importance of stretching for all active participants in sport from the elite through to seasoned veterans. The book outlines the four types of stretching; explores the physiology of stretching; the dangers and limitations of poor flexibility; the benefits to be gained from a correct stretching routine; as well as the rules for a safe and effective stretching routine… This back-pocket handbook is a well written, easy to use, quick reference guide.”

Triathlete Magazine

“When Brad Walker scoured the shops looking for a comprehensive guide to stretching, he says he was continually disappointed. So, he decided to write his own. We all know we should stretch and that it plays a major role in minimizing our risk of injury and aiding our recovery from training and competition. But how many of us have skipped stretching, or done it in such a way that it really gives limited or no benefit at all? Perhaps now, with the knowledge from The Stretching Handbook you’ll make the commitment to include a range of stretches in your training regime.”

Triathlon Sports Magazine

“This very portable, yet comprehensive reference book about stretching is valuable for any athlete wanting to avoid injury and improve performance. This latest edition contains 135 high quality, black and white photographs of stretches indexed under specific body parts, with brief easy to read descriptions of each. What is different in this book to other stretching guides is the division of stretches into three levels according to your range of flexibility: general, intermediate or advanced. The benefits, types and rules of stretching and flexibility testing are also addressed. If you aren’t sold of the importance of stretching for enhancing performance, you will be after this read.”

And what about the Stretching DVD?

One of the most common requests I receive from my customer survey is the need for a good quality stretching DVD.

People love the pictures in the Handbook, but I understand that some people prefer the visual benefit of being able to watch and follow along with a professional as they do the stretches.

So I’ve taken 44 of the most popular stretches from the Handbook and put them into the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility DVD.

It’s reassuring to know exactly how the stretches are done and that you’re doing them the right way.

Production quality is second-to-none!

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching DVD is truly a high quality production. None of that low budget, someone sitting on the floor in their living room making a home movie style video.

I hired one of the best film production companies on the continent. It was shot using top of the line, TV quality cameras and I chose a peaceful beach setting to use as the backdrop for all of the filming.

Plus, I hired professional athletes to be the models, and used professional voice narration for the final production.

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility goes way beyond just a series of stretches. It contains crucial stretching information like the benefits of flexibility, the rules for safe stretching, and how to stretch properly.

Plus complete visual, step-by-step demonstrations of 44 different stretching exercises for every major muscle group in the body.

Just like having my own personal trainer…

“Brad, your Stretching book and DVD are great products and I love doing my stretches to the DVD. The book is also a great resource. It’s just like having my own personal trainer.”

Quentin Brown

(Queensland, Australia)

DVD and CD-ROM special features

The Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility is produced in a multi-region, DVD format, which means it will play in any country in the world. With the DVD you’re able to use the convenient menu feature to: (Please note: some features are not available on the download version.)

Play all 44 stretches one after the other, or jump directly to a specific stretch;
Search for individual stretches via a specific muscle group;
Choose from 3 customized 7 minute routines for the Upper Body, the Lower Body and the Neck, Back & Core;
View only the introduction and rules for safe stretching or play the entire DVD from start to finish (over 100 minutes).
And, with the bonus CD-ROM you can print out over 80 stretching routines for 22 sports and 19 different muscle groups, so you can take them with you when you don’t have the DVD handy.

It’s so clear and easy to follow…

“After I had injured my Achilles I was determined to find a good stretching program that could really help me. I came across your website and spoke to someone online who convinced me to go with your Stretching DVD. The DVD has been amazing… it is so clear and easy to follow. I have now worked it into my weekly stretching program and use the DVD every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have noticed a great difference in the past week or so, and members of our running team say I look much stronger. I believe your stretching routine has set me on the right track and has helped me push through my workouts much harder and with faster recuperation time than I’ve been able to do before. Thanks for your Stretching DVD and all the work your team put into it.”


(Ontario, Canada)

My knee problems have disappeared…

“I was having severe knee problems due to very tight hamstrings and related thigh muscles. After 3 weeks of using the Stretching DVD, my knee problems have disappeared. I am now more flexible and less prone to injury during tennis matches.”


(New Jersey, United States)

I’ve told everyone about you…

“I want to thank you wonderful people for the help you have given me. I struggled with sciatic nerve pain for two years before I found you and ordered the Handbook and DVD. What a difference! I know in time I will be pain free with your stretches. I have told everyone who has any problems about you. Thanks again for being the wonderful people you are.”

Janie Holt

(Georgia, United States)

So many stretches I’ve never seen before…

“We are so happy with the DVD. We have been exercising for more than 20 years, yet never heard of so many of these stretches. We like that two people are displayed on the DVD. We just loaned the DVD out to a friend of ours who has never exercised before and wants to begin. We loaned the DVD to her, as we felt it was important to start stretching before beginning any exercise (she is in her 60’s).”


(Pennsylvania, United States)

Surprise! My lower back pain is gone…

“As soon as I viewed the DVD I realized immediately that the exercises covered everything from my neck to my ankles. I started immediately and within a few days I noted that the pain in my lower back had almost disappeared. Within a few weeks I started to realize that my lower back was pain free and I felt like I had gotten my life back!”


(Queensland, Australia)

The countdown timer keeps me on track…

“The DVD on stretching is very well done. I especially like the countdown clock as I feel I am not left alone, in doing the routines. I go through the stretches daily – it only takes 30 minutes and feel energized afterwards. Well done – thanks!”


(Ontario, Canada)

3 personal bests…

“I have seen a dramatic improvement in a long term injury. Within a few weeks of using the Stretching DVD at least 80% of the pain had gone and I got three PB’s in the space of 6 weeks at 10K!”


(Highland, United Kingdom)

My junior sprinters thank you…

“The Stretching DVD is excellent. I am an UK athletics coach, working with junior sprinters and have devised a training program to include the stretches. Thank you for another excellent product.”


(London, United Kingdom)

Where were you 25 years ago?

“I am currently using the Stretching DVD, as I had back surgery 10 years ago and really didn’t have anyone to help me increase my core strength and help with stabilization of my lower back. I spent more than 25 years in and out of episodes of pain and I am now wanting to be strong so I can do what I want to do with my life. Where were you 25 years ago? When I think how much your stretching DVD has done to help me in the last 4 months… I really would recommend your products to others. In fact, I have actually shared your website.”


(New Mexico, United States)

Watch a few sample stretches from the DVD

Each stretch demonstration shows you how to get into the stretch position properly and then gives you a 20 second countdown so you know you’re doing the stretch for the right amount of time. You’re then shown how to come out of the stretch position safely so you get the maximum benefit from each stretch.

Below are just a few of the 44 stretches that are included on the DVD. Click on any of the videos below to start watching. (Please note: The sample videos below are low-resolution copies; the production quality and resolution on the DVD is much higher).

Parallel Arm Shoulder Stretch (1:18)

Kneeling Back Rotation Stretch (1:24)

Kneeling Quad & Thigh Stretch (1:20)

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How will the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility help you?

The Ultimate Guide gives you the tools you need to take your flexibility to the next level. It’s written in an easy-to-use, quick reference format, meaning you don’t have to read it from cover to cover to take advantage of the information it contains.

Whether you want to alleviate annoying tight muscles or loosen those stiff joints the Ultimate Guide will help you. It will even help you improve your physical ability and sporting performance.

Sick & tired of tight, sore muscles? – The Ultimate Guide will give you the stretches you need to loosen your muscles and reduce that pain.
Suffering with stiff joints and muscles? – The Ultimate Guide will help you increase your flexibility and do away with stiff, tight muscles and joints.
Sick of not being able to perform like you should? – The Ultimate Guide will help you improve your flexibility and your sporting performance.

Take your performance to the next level!

Do you want to go from being a good athlete to being a great one? And do you want to do it drug-free, using simple methods, and without making huge changes to your carefully-balanced workout routines?

Or perhaps you simply want an effortless way to reduce the potential for injuries; even reduce recovery time if you are injured?

Whether you’re a sports coach, a personal trainer, a professional athlete or a person who just enjoys a bit of exercise on the weekend… You know how difficult it is to find accurate, reliable and current information on stretching, flexibility and staying injury-free.

The Ultimate Guide will help you boost your performance, avoid injuries, alleviate muscle pain, maximize your workout, and maybe even extend your career.
The Ultimate Guide comes with all the information you need to confidently perform the stretches that will make all the difference to your flexibility.
Remember, there are 135 photos and 44 video demonstrations of unique stretching exercises in this flexibility package. And because the book is such a unique product, with its spiral binding; and the DVD with its convenient menu feature (and bonus CD-ROM), I know I could charge a lot more, but for a limited time you can get the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility for…

Download Version ONLY
Includes digital download version of the Handbook (PDF eBook) and DVD (MP4). Available for immediate download after purchase.

Order Now

$29.90 $19.95

Hard Copy Version + Download Version
Includes hard copy of the Handbook and DVD shipped to your address, plus digital download version (PDF eBook & MP4).

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$49.90 $39.95

Plus… 3 Special Bonuses Absolutely Free!

If you order today, you’ll also get my Special Bonus Stretching & Flexibility Package worth over $150.00 for FREE! Your FREE Bonus Package includes…


Stretching for Muscle and Joint Freedom

Special Bonus #1 ($29.00 Value)
This 15 minute MP3 audio (download version) was taken from a radio interview with Sports Radio 927. Go ahead and order right now and you’ll get exclusive access to listen in on Brad Walker and Trevor Himstedt as they discuss how to safely use stretching to minimize sports injury and improve freedom of movement. You can listen online, download the audio to your computer or iPod, or print out the written transcripts.


The Secrets to Successful Back Stretching

Special Bonus #2 ($97.00 Value)
This 1 hour MP3 audio (download version) was taken from a tele-conference with The Healthy Back Institute. Order today and you’ll get exclusive access to listen in on Brad Walker and Steve Hefferon as they discuss how to use the different types of stretching to treat back pain, and just about any other muscle pain condition. You can listen online, download the audio to your computer or iPod, or print out the written transcripts.


The Stretching and Flexibility Report

Special Bonus #3 ($29.00 Value)
You’ll also get a free copy of the Stretching & Flexibility Report by Brad Appleton. This informative report is over 65 pages in length (download version), and includes heaps of detailed information on some of the more technical aspects of stretching and flexibility. It’s a great compliment to your new stretching and flexibility products.

Risk Free, Lifetime Money Back GuaranteeAnd you can rest easy…

All my products come with an unconditional, 60 Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

In fact, you don’t even need to return the product! If you’re not happy just let me know why it wasn’t suitable (market research so I can make the product better) and I’ll refund the cost of the product (not shipping) and you can keep the product (or give it to a friend, or donate it to a local library or sports club).

Your Complete Stretching and Flexibility Package!

The bottom line is… Your results are guaranteed. When you use any of my stretching and flexibility products you’ll get everything you need to improve your flexibility and fitness.

And with my rock-solid 100% Money Back Guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose. So don’t delay; this offer expires soon. Get the Ultimate Guide and improve your flexibility now.


Kind regards,
Brad Walker signature
Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

P.S. You can Rest Easy! I’ve been online since May 2000, and have shipped over 40,000 packages to 122 countries.

P.P.S. Remember, if you order today you’ll get all the extra special bonuses that are the perfect companion to the Ultimate Guide. And you’ll also qualify for my risk free, 60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Don’t delay – Order now!

Download Version ONLY
Includes digital download version of the Handbook (PDF eBook) and DVD (MP4). Available for immediate download after purchase.

Order Now

$29.90 $19.95

Hard Copy Version + Download Version
Includes hard copy of the Handbook and DVD shipped to your address, plus digital download version (PDF eBook & MP4).

Order Now

$49.90 $39.95