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Coffee is BAD for Flexibility and Soft-Tissue Injuries

Both the good and the bad about coffee (caffeine) and its affects on health, flexibility, soft tissue injuries and tendonitis rehabilitation.

by Brad Walker | First Published November 1, 2015 | Updated December 26, 2018
I normally avoid giving diet or nutrition advice (it’s not my area of expertise). But lately I’ve had a few inquiries from people who seem to be doing everything right but can’t improve their flexibility, or can’t get rid of those nagging little injuries.

And while I offer some basic nutritional advice in a few of my products, I don’t go into a lot of detail. In fact, my nutritional advice can be summed up by the following…

Coffee is BAD for Flexibility and Soft-Tissue Injuries
  • Cut out processed food;
  • Eliminate as many additives and preservatives as you can;
  • Switch to 100% certified organic fruits, vegetables and meats;
  • Reduce (or eliminate) your dairy and meat intake; and
  • Don’t over-eat.

But when I started thinking about the inquiries I’ve been getting, I thought to myself… “There’s a bit more to it than that.” And one of the ideas that kept repeating itself inside my head was… Coffee is BAD for both flexibility and soft tissue injuries!

Coffee is disastrous for your health and especially your flexibility. It affects your nervous system, your brain activity and interrupts your normal sleep patterns. It has a dehydrating affect on your body. And not-to-mention it’s highly addictive.

If you want to improve your health, your flexibility, and get rid of those nagging little soft tissue injuries, remove coffee from your diet completely. But don’t just take my word for it. Have a listen to what a few of my favorite authors and presenters have got to say about coffee (both the good and the bad).

Warning: The video below titled “Why I Started Drinking Coffee Again After 19 Years Without It” contains the occasional “F” bomb.

Transcript from Why I Started Drinking Coffee…

So someone said, Harley can you do a video? Someone said Harley Durian, can you do a video on why you’re drinking coffee again? This isn’t, this is a coffee Mug, but as you can see it’s not coffee stains its beetroot juice. I’m not doing coffee again. Someone said do a video why are you drinking coffee again? I’m not drinking coffee. I have not drunk a cup of coffee since 1999. This is water, this is my water mug. It’s a coffee jug for water. So let’s get into the video then. There’s cleared up the facts cause clean up the assumptions or whatever about me drinking coffee or whatever. I have not drunk a single cup of coffee since 1999. I’ve had caffeine since then in caffeine drinks or gels or other sources and stuff. But in terms of drinking coffee, I ain’t a fan. Let’s talk about stimulants. Now let’s get to the serious part of the video.

I’ve had extensive use of stimulants, both illegal usages and legal usages. I would say the legal stimulants, most of them pretty bad because they’re so encouraged, especially coffee. Now a lot of you might unsubscribe after watching this video because I’m going to be attacking coffee and we talk about coffee and how the five ways it destroys fitness. It destroys your fitness man. It one, you don’t, you can’t hydrate properly if you’re drinking coffee, if you drink coffee regularly. And this, this isn’t a video for me, like to say, oh you drink coffee, you were a bad person or whatever. This is just to educate people out there. The truth about caffeine and other stimulants and you can do whatever you want with that. Alright, and I would recommend you don’t have to give it up. Maybe you can, if you want it, that’s really good. Just cut the right back down. Cut your stims right back down. And you find it actually do work better when you do use it. We’ll get to that.

So the number one reason caffeine inhibits fitness gains. Is that it doesn’t let you hydrate properly. You know, caffeine is a diuretic. So it doesn’t let you hydrate properly. That’s why I don’t coach anyone who drinks coffee. Yeah, I wasn’t a one on one coach because it just, it won’t let you get maximum performance. It just drives you off the deep end and you’d get glandular fever, burnout, depression and anxiety, things like that. You don’t eat enough, just performance drops off. That’s why anyone I coach one on one. Anyone who’s maybe my in my Adelaide group or a girlfriend or whatever, you’d noticed their fitness just it goes right up.

Their productivity goes right up because I pulled stimulants out of the equation. And then all of a sudden you can really get more rest, deeper rest. You can sleep better and you feel fresher, feel fresh. I had three hours sleep last night, got up at like 7:28 or whatever. Went and ran a five K, won the five K race this morning, Christmas Day. And probably would have nap soon later on, but I had no stimulants today. Yeah. If I had to stimulants, then I’m going to be a wide and like not sleeping properly. But now I’ll be able to go into my bed, have a shower or going to a bed and slide down, chill for a bit, get really good at recovery, deep recovery. Versus be jittery on stims and missing that recovery window where your protein synthesis is getting enhanced and your glycogen restoration and all that stuff.

So and yesterday I did a 200 km ride and no stims. So today I feel very fresh. So it was really, really good to have good rest, good rest is good recovery. So you got three hours sleep. It was enough. You can get deeper rest when you are not on stims. Not that I recommend three hours sleep every night. What I’m saying those, when you do wear stimulants you will need less rest. You’re still need enough. Yeah, we’ll get to that in a second about sleeping. So hydration, it doesn’t let you hydrate properly cause you’ll be all jittery and not drinking enough water. The caffeine is a diuretic, so it’s like forcing water out of your body. So you want to hydrate properly, which means your blood volumes we’ll get lower than it should be. That’s why we see a lot of riders train, train, train, but they’re not that fast for how it maybe how lean they are, how much they trained. They are not that fast and I’m like well it’s because their hydration is poor, their blood volume isn’t where it should be. All that training, all that carbohydrates and stuff brings your blood levels up. But if you are dehydration of caffeine, stimulants then it’s not going to let you get that top percent the top 10-15% which you need to be really, really your best. And caffeine doesn’t let you hydrate properly.

Another one is caffeine doesn’t make you eat enough. These stimulants, Ritalin, Adderall, cocaine, caffeine, Theobromine, they are all the same. They restrict appetite but we use them. A lot of them use them for to restrict eating and so then you don’t eat enough carbohydrates. That’s good cause then I’ll get slim or was I’m fu***ng slim I’m lean as and all of us high carb vegans are lean as. You don’t need to use stims to cut weight because all it’s going to happen is you will slow down your thyroid function and then you become a weight storer. And then you get caught up in intermittent fasting and Breatharianism. And one meal a day and do a big black circles under your eyes. And end up space cadeting out there and in Hawaii. Aloha. Hey, I’m not a vegan anymore cause I’m doing one meal a day and I’m feeling fu**ed and I needed to try something different. Orthopraxis anorexia never works man. So caffeine, it just inhibits eating. Anyone who’s ever had any eating issue anorexia or whatever, they should never do stims. Only under strict supervision. It should never be given caffeine or coffee recreationally or whatever. They should never do that. So I would never ever recommend coffee to anyone out there who’s had some sort of eating issue. That is like the worst. Why? Because coffee is a drug. Whether, where do you want a coffee? Do you want a tea or coffee or a tea?

You go to 10 different places and they get to have 10 different cups of coffee because they’re like, hey, you’re a coffee or coffee. I get offered coffee, so many times per week in per day. And I just get the Cup of coffee. I smash it across the room for, against the wall. No, no. I just say, no, I’m good. Thanks. I have not had a cup of coffee since 1999 and blah, blah, blah. But I always make it polite. Coffee is this is pervasive drug where it’s just so encouraged. You know, after dinner, maybe falling asleep at dinner, you at a restaurant. I have a coffee, 10:00 PM have some small stims, can’t sleep, have some alcohol, have some Xanax, have some sleeping tablets as some stim knocks. Can’t wake up in the morning, have more coffee, can’t, you know?

So it’s this constant thing, once you in stims, the anxiety’s going to go up and then you need some sort of anxiety medication to bring it down. Take away the stimulants. Anxiety drops down. Calm puppy dog, chill puppy dog, triglycerides getting lower. Stress brings up triglycerides. Simple as that. And with the caffeine, it’s like, that’s why the reason why I mean, I love that buzz man on all those stims, but I keep him very, very, very, very low key because I understand that they can rob the adrenals of energy and things like that. So there are credit cards. Their credit card only use them when you’ve got a lot of energy, you want to go that little extra percent. You’ve had enough sleep, enough sugar, enough water, and enough recovery. And you want to go a little sharpening and end up there, and then yeah, okay, that’s fine.

But using caffeine because you’re tired. Using caffeine for like a weight loss thing or stimulants and then it’ll work. But it’ll f**k you up. It’ll come back and bite you in the ass. Guaranteed! You’ll blow out with weight gain, you have anxiety and depression and insomnia and mood up and down. And most of are pretty crazy as it is. Why take something and forgot it makes it even crazier. So I swore I’d never date a coffee drinker. Couldn’t kind of, I can’t even really be, you know, yeah. It’s the get off it. Trust me to get off. You’ll be a lot more grounded and chill.

So there is not enough water. Can’t hydrate properly. Can’t get enough carbohydrates in. And some people be like that`s really good. I don’t want to eat too many carbs they take to give. And those people, I can’t really help because they’re so lost already. It’s almost like they have to hit rock bottom and get obese or get it go get total performance decay before they really understand what’s going on with carbohydrate, I can’t help those people. You know, you can only help so many people are going to help her, but we really want the best.

And third one is is caffeine doesn’t let you rest properly. You know, I’m thinking about sweat on about like resting, have some coffee and you’re like, yeah, it’s going to do some stuff and you’re, you practically when you get your buzzing all around but you’re doing a higher workload, then your adrenal gland really wants to do in your cortisone or that your hypothalamus and pituitary and your hormone, your endocrine system. You’re doing a high workload in endocrine system wants to do so you burning really, really hard.

And again, that’s why we see so many athletes; professionals think that they get on hormones. The testosterone, the estrogens, the thyroid meds. All those things to sort of bring up what that caffeine robbing. All right, so if you’re a professional athlete then yeah, you’ve got the team doctor, you can get all these hormone drugs that will offset the decaying factor of stimulants. So you put the stimulants in, the hormone is going to go down. You need to bring them up. Yeah. So that’s me. It doesn’t let you rest properly. And that sleep just not resting properly because you’re doing too much. You know, and then your endocrine system is taken a beating. That’s why you see so many people who are on hormone drugs when they start doing stims, they just go boom. They drop right down in performance as drops off despite heaps of training, are workload and just drop off.

So you can only over train if you’re doing stimulants, you’re not doing stimulants; you can’t over train in terms of endocrine wise. Because you both go Nah I’m just going to Chill today. You know, you fatigue, we more palpable. You got to really feel it a lot more. Stimulants, they lower perceived exertion, don’t they? They take away that fatigue the perceived fatigue. So most people when they are tired have more coffee, I have more Ritalin and have more pills. Worst thing you can do for your fitness and your mood, your anxiety, everything. Your outlook on life. So yeah, really be very strict with stimulate intake. Very, very strict. Be Very responsible with it as well. And if you know anyone of Anorexia or whatever, doesn’t fu***ng encourage them to drink coffee man or tea or anything. Don’t encourage that at all. Because all you’re doing, especially at a recreational level, you’re just like, hey, come and have a coffee after the ride or after the run or whatever.

And I see this all the time in last 20 years because certainly people with eating disorders or whatever, we get into cycling, we’re get into running cause it keeps us, you know, slim and lean and hanging out other people when you could sort of guys that are going to be lean for a race or a run or whatever, you know, it can’t be too heavy and that can be okay. But again it can, it’s a quick as just thin ground, isn’t it, between being light and being too light. It’s pretty sort of thin little fence it. And so stimulants can help people fall off that fence pretty fu***ng quickly into a bad place. And then you’re losing a lot of training of benefits and fitness and mood and, and life quality. End of the day. Everything I’m talking about. It’s all about increasing life quality. So we don’t get enough rest. We are not getting hydration probably. We are not getting enough carbohydrates. All these things, if take their thyroid health, emotional health, all the health, the whole body.

Another one would be sleep. You can’t sleep properly because you’ve got the buzz going on. You have a coffee at nighttime or in the morning times. You’re buzzing all day and you don’t eat enough. You don’t drink enough and you can’t really sleep properly, so maybe you did get enough rest, maybe just chilled out. You did not get that really deep sleep. And then your coverage is dropping off. Your performance is dropping off, your mood; your hormones are dropping off, their things starting to cascade off. Say if we’re not getting enough sleep. And we’ll do the sleeping pills and have sleep issues and look all the sleep clinics out there, man, it’s like, can you imagine like there’s sleep clinics out there.

Just take away the fu***ng coffee man. Take away the stims, the Cacao, the Ritalin and or whatever. Take those away just for a few weeks and all of a sudden you’re like. Increase your carbohydrate and increase your water, get more sunshine. You will be sleeping like a mother fu***ng baby. Yeah, it’s crazy. I used to do sleep deprivation studies. They’d pay me to be like a Guinea pig and I’d be there trying to stay awake for 48 hours. And it wasn’t having any caffeine. And it was really, really, really cool. And then getting all this like researchers, people with sleep issues and some people just do too much fu***ng coffee man. Too much stims, too much tea and green tea. Same thing.

Even Doctor Greger telling people to drink like five, six, seven cups of green tea a day. No wonder that guy’s not in shape and no wonder his wife isn’t fit because, no one and that’s not being mean. That’s just like you can’t be fit with that much stimulus unless you also doing the hormones with it to offset the damage. It’s doing lots of doing. It’s not going to have the fitness because your hormones are going to be like through the floor. Not only healthy levels for athletic performance.

So we haven’t got the sleep, we’ve got hydration; we’ve got the rest; the carbohydrate. Another one is stims don’t let you have, you know, your true self and which will affect your performance as well. They make your focus, if you’re focusing on something that’s not too good, it’d be feeling bad or whatever. The stingy make you focus even more on that. If you’re focused in good things that can make you focus in on that as well. So there can be whatever you’re focused on that will amplify that.

So if you’re a person that has anxiety or maybe a depressive thoughts, or have certain episodes in your life and you’re doing stims that will magnify that. And you can get yourself in a bit of trouble there so that can also destroy your fitness. And I can go on and on and on about caffeine. It’s a shit ton of stories over the years. But there’s a big reason that I love the feeling of stimulants, they’ll love it. Everyone loves it. Everyone loves to feel it’s balanced in its to some point, but again, they have, you know, they have their downsides and you’ve got to be aware of the downsides are, so when you, let’s say when I went away your stims, I would use teams when I’m like got enough sleep, water and sugar. I want to go a little bit extra, you know, a little bit extra.

But even then where if I’ve had use anything, I make sure I’m drinking and eating enough when I’m on it. And also to take very, very small amounts and generally only in the morning, first thing you know, there’s very, very rarely do that because I understand your body builds a tolerance to them. You need more and more and more. And then you’d done can’t eat enough. You don’t drink enough, you don’t sleep enough, and you don’t rest enough. Your thoughts can be a little bit off with the fairies. Yeah. So is it really a. I see a lot of people’s depression out there. A lot of it, a lot of these, you know, schizophrenia or bipolar negative episodes and it’s due down to stimulant abuse and use even just in the cup of cup of coffee a day. It can be too much for many people. So just to try and experiment, just cut it out of your life for a bit and just chill, get in touch with you, fatigue, drink more water and you get your carbs in and just, just chill man. And you’ll notice a profound benefit in your life. Guaranteed.

It’s like crazy. I mean even, yeah, I can tell you more stories. We are already 15 minutes in. It’s caffeine. I ain’t fan. I ain’t a fan of definitely. It’s like alcohol. It is a pernicious drug if you do occasionally. Very, very rarely. Yeah. Not an issue. But this daily use of caffeine and alcohol. I am not a fan and if I had to compare alcohol versus caffeine, I would say alcohol is far better. Let’s say you have a beer a day or glass a wine a day. That’s going to be far healthier than a cup of tea or a cup of coffee a day. In my experience, both ain’t healthy but the alcohol in low dosages is better than caffeine in low dosage. I would say in terms of all the things I’ve mentioned here. But both a pernicious drugs that need to be only consuming should be in moderation and by certain types of people who understand the consequences. And you understand the responsibilities that must be in place to keep these drugs of society in check from causing too much damage or routine abuse, et cetera.

There you can ask me my thoughts, comments and questions. I’m not drinking coffee. This is a coffee Mug, but it’s more water and juice and banana smoothie. I bought this in 2014 at a bike race in Thailand. So why did I drink coffee again after seven after 19 years. It’s going to be 20 years this year. Not In October, 2019 it’ll be 20 years since I had a cup of coffee. Then we’ll have a cup of coffee to sell about that one. But yeah, that’s why I’m not drinking coffee. I’m not taking it from a coffee mug. I have water.

Transcript from Coffee & Espresso Tips…

Hello and welcome to my video blog today. Today is Paul Chek’s coffee and espresso tips, so can you imagine me telling you tips for how to use coffee and espresso, hey well when you’re a holistic health practitioner you got to know something about almost everything and coffee is a common, common problem I have to deal with in people’s lives. So today I want to share some tips with you this is a three part series. First I’m just going to give you a general overview, then I’m going to talk to you about how to make it, then I’m going to talk to you about how to get off of it how is that for a combo of events. Okay there are some benefits to coffee we’ll start off with the good stuff, the positive one; it aids athletic performance. Most people think it’s just the caffeine but if you study Illy the man who is the producer of Illy Coffee and probably did more research on coffee and coffee making than anybody in the world there is a whole book on it very comprehensive scientific book.

He explains as do others that there’s many other amino acids that are stimulatory to the neural hormonal axis or nervous system and hormonal system as a working system and so it’s not just the caffeine there are amino acids that are stimulatory to the body in there. So it can be very beneficial to athletic performance but for reasons I’ll describe later it does come at a cost and one must be very careful using it.

Two, as most of us are aware it has a bowel clearing effect there are some positives and there are some negatives to that which I’ll talk about shortly, so it can be used as an effective aid to alleviate constipation clear the bowels and, it can also be used to a clear the bowels for healing purposes, or medicinal purposes not just as a in other words therapists use it for coffee enemas and things like that there’s more to it than just drinking coffee to make yourself poop okay. It aids mental performance and I love it I’ll tell you what when you do a lot of mental work like me writing constantly videos, slideshows, articles, and the list goes on sometimes the old black box gets a little tired of output, output, output and a damn good espresso can really put some wind in your sails but again it’s a dirty little hook you got to be careful not to get addicted to it or the next thing you know you can’t think straight unless you have coffee, so catch-22 there.

Coffee is very, very well liked for the fact that it aids mental performance by linearizing thought. Rudolf Steiner and his teachings explains that coffee has the effect as does tobacco interestingly of bringing the thoughts more in line it’s often referred to as the writer’s drug because it allows you to take a number of ideas and bring them into a sequence. I believe that’s probably because of its elevating cortisol levels stimulates the left brain and the left brain helps with autobiographical sequences, or timeline sequences, or linearizing things.

As a side note herbal teas particularly those made from flowers have the opposite effect, so if you have a flower tea; a tea based from flowers even if it’s got a little bit of caffeine in it, it has an opening effect on the mind allowing you to scan your brain and your universe for many ideas so where coffee linearizes, many of the flower teas have an opening effect. Most people are very familiar with the opening effect of marijuana but you don’t have to go to that extreme, for example it might not be appropriate for you to smoke a joint while you’re trying to get some new ideas for your new article at work but some nice herbal teas could be very beneficial.

So it also has beneficial nutrients it’s used by a number of natural cancer treatment centers, and physicians for the beneficial nutrients antioxidants, and a variety of micronutrients but like a lot of things people read one article that there’s one or two little beneficial nutrients and something use as an excuse to go crazy with it. So keep that into context there’s beneficial nutrients but there’s also some challenges I’m going to explain we want to keep everything in balance. One of the things I learned from Dr. Timmons who I learned functional medicine from years ago is that the doctors that use coffee in the treatment of cancer often want you to consume it quickly because the oxidization rate of the nutrients in the coffee turns out to be quite high according to what Dr. Timmons shared with me. So what he was saying is coffee should always be freshly made, should not sit around, it should be freshly ground, it should not be pre ground, so fresh beans, freshly ground, freshly made, and drank quickly it shouldn’t be hanging around sip here, sip there doesn’t mean you got to slam it like alcohol but you should consume it quickly.

Dr. Timmons told me it should be consumed within 10 minutes of making it for optimum nutrient absorption and performance. It’s also very good for time-zone shifting and I’m a master of the time-zone oh my god 20 years on airplanes oh whew. So you can use coffee by drinking a little coffee or espresso when the sun rises or when you first get up in the morning of the new location you’re at, it can help shift the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis the HPA axis or the time keeper into the zone that you’re in and give you a quicker adaptation process. Again it does help but if it becomes an addiction it creates more problems than good. So there’s some of the many benefits if I wanted to do an exhausted list of coffee benefits I could probably write a book on it but we want to just keep it short and sweet so you can understand they are benefits and there’s things to be concerned about.

Let’s look at the caution list; one coffee is a stimulant coffee espresso it’s a stimulant again it’s not just the caffeine; there’s amino acids in there because it’s a stimulant it’s highly linked to adrenal stress. How often do I see coffee and adrenal stress go together? Very, very regularly thousands of cases more than I could even count so know that with increased coffee consumption usually you have increased stress on the adrenal glands and all the things that go with it which are many. Coffees highly addictive one day on coffee I’ve tested this many times on with myself but with many people one day on coffee, one cup of coffee and you’ll have withdrawal symptoms the next day, most people. And coffee is not an easy one to get off of on one cup of coffee a day I’ve seen people vomit, have stomach cramps, serious headaches, and not be able to move for an entire day off of one cup so be careful.

Coffee is often toxic, coffee is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world much of its grown in third-world countries where they have limited to no banned or control of dangerous pesticides and I’ve done research into this many of the pesticides, herbicides, fungicides rodenticides, or dangerous chemicals that are illegal in the US are sold to or even given to the third-world countries to addict them to the use of the chemicals and it is spray over coffee. So very much like grains if you’re going to drink coffee you better go organic or you may be doing yourself a lot of long-term damage and cause symptoms that are very hard to evaluate.

Coffee has a diuretic effect, it’s not as often people think it’s not the caffeine according to the research I did caffeine is not a diuretic but the coffee itself has a diuretic effect on the body because one it irritates the entire intestinal tract causes the body to use a lot of fluids to try to push it out of the body. So it does have a drying effect on the body and a quite significant drying effect. Can result in constipation in absence of coffee or espresso so what happens if a person and I’ve seen this with lots of athletes especially distance running athletes tri-athletes, bi-athletes those types if they get used to using coffee regularly like before they run to make themselves go to the toilet to clear the bowels before the athletic effort and then they don’t have the coffee they can actually start getting constipated because the body starts becoming dependent upon that level of stimulation to clean itself out so be careful there. Very stressful to females, very stressful to females in general hate to say that girls but your bodies do not do well with coffee; a woman’s body is designed to carry two therefore the tolerances in her hormonal system are much, much more tightly regulated. So if a woman’s pre or postmenopausal, or suffers from menstrual irregularity, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea or any problem with the menstrual cycle or heavy periods cramps, painful periods they’re above and beyond a normal healthy woman which should be literally minimal to no pain if you study the history of those things you’ll see that it’s not normal for women being a lot of pain.

So to the degree that a woman’s got menstrual irregularity of any kind, or she’s pre menopausal, menopausal, or postmenopausal coffee’s a death sentence it over works the adrenal glands and the adrenal glands turn out to be a backup system for the ovaries. So once a woman’s pre menopausal and menopausal she realized much more heavily on her adrenal glands for the production of key hormones that her ovaries are no longer able to manufacture so by drinking coffee you disable the woman’s backup system and it can lead to lots of physical, mental and emotional, complications okay. I alluded to that earlier it has a drying effect it leads to overheating the body so when you dry the body out and you over stimulate, or wind the body up to sympathetic activity heart rate goes up, respiratory rate goes up, you go into a fight-or-flight reaction it leads to overheating of the body. As a matter of fact if you give some coffee to someone who do not drank it before use you within a minute they often start to sweat so there’s an example of the sympathetic excitation, leading to elevated metabolism, leading to elevated body heat which comes with many problems I don’t have time to explain. Slows healing so if your body member healing is a yin function and moistening the body is a yin function so something that dries and speeds the body actually has the opposite effect on healing in other words it slows healing down okay.

It leads to problems in connective tissue causing dehydration and binding of connective tissue I’m a clinical massage therapist, a neuromuscular therapist, a sports massage therapist I studied with the best and I’ve been practicing clinical massage therapy and all types of massage therapy since January 1988 so I have about thirty years of experience working with soft tissue and soft tissue injuries and I can tell you for sure I can practically tell you who drinks coffee without even knowing anything but touching their bodies it causes connective tissues to bind, and to adhere together and in athletes it leads to all sorts of problems with the synchronicity or the timing of joint movements because of the fascial binding that is created. Immune stress if you drink coffee regularly whether it be coffee or espresso you’re going to get elevated glucocorticoids or stress hormones, if you have chronically elevated cortisol if you look at the work done by Robert Sapolsky there’s a great National Geographic documentary featuring Robert Sapolsky the author of Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers excellent book to read.

He shows chronic elevation of glucocorticoids leads to immune suppression or maybe even fatigue if you will that suppression is probably a better word. When you have the immune suppression and you’re drinking coffee you run into problems because coffee my friends is a major fungal feeder, also when you have immune suppression you open the door wide for parasite infection. In my healing fungal and parasite infections the absolute essentials DVD set for DVDs I go into great detail of all the things you need to know that coffee is a major fungal fear and is a major stressor of the immune system if used chronically so you can set yourself up wide for fungal and parasite infections which can cause you more problems than you ever want to even have to deal with. But many of you watching right now as a matter of fact about 90% of you have a fungal and a parasite infection so look into that program at the Czech Institute website and learn more.

Sexual performance well if your sexual performance is lacking men in other words you are not able to hold an erection long enough to satisfy your girl, or your lover, or if you’re a woman your sex drive is diminishing, your interest in sex is diminishing those are classic reactions to coffee consumption. A couple of tips for you parasympathetic nervous system is what moistens a woman and keeps her healthy inside and gives her those nice vaginal contractions, just like it causes peristalsis the parasympathetic system causes peristalsis contracting the smooth muscle of the body when a woman gets excited during sexual pleasure those contractions come by way the parasympathetic system.

As a woman becomes too sympathetically dominant or a man becomes to sympathetically dominant her inner system weakens. So the same thing that happens to a woman happens to a man but just differently, in a male the parasympathetic system is responsible for maintaining the erection keeping it up keeping the blood in the erection and the sympathetic system is responsible for ejaculation. So if you get too much coffee in you or too much sympathetic stimulation the sympathetic system overrides or pushes back to hard on the parasympathetic system meaning the man can’t maintain an erection and the sympathetic system being over stimulated causes the body to want to ejaculate very quickly. So you get two things guys, that women probably aren’t too excited about if they like making love and most of them do. So if you’re lacking performance can’t keep it up or you’re prematurely ejaculating and you’re drinking coffee you better watch part 3 of this series where I talked about how to get off of it because it ain’t doing you no good and that’s not a good thing to feel that insecurity of not being a man in bed baby.

We don’t want you going out there buying the penis enlarger although there’s like millions of emails out there right now maybe you can get one cheap but I don’t think that’s the way to go okay. Seven the Indians referred to coffee is empty fire why because it speeds up your metabolism excites the system but relative to the amount of extra work it causes inside your physiology it delivers almost no nutritional value relatively speaking, in other words there’s lots of things you could eat such as berries or stimulatory to the adrenal system and can be exciting but they carry a lot of nutrition.

So if you want to get a good high eat something natural like some berries as an example and you won’t get that negative empty fire effect the reason they call it empty fires because there’s no adequate nutrition to compensate for what the body must devote to the response triggered by the stimulatory effect of the coffee. So I’ve shared a few neat things about coffee I’ve given you some warning and some education about coffee in a few short minutes. In my next video clip I will invite you into my kitchen where I show you my beautiful handmade Italian espresso machine and a matching grinder and I’ll show you some of the tricks I use to make bad ass espresso I’ll see you then.

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