The Exact Step-by-Step Process I Used to Help More Than 2,500 People Completely Heal Their Rotator Cuff – with NO Chance of Re-Injury – Faster Than They Ever Thought Possible!

A unique 7-step integrated system that links together 14 different treatment modalities so you’re always doing the right treatments, in the right order, at the right time.

Rotator cuff rehab
Have you been suffering with shoulder pain or rotator cuff injury for a month or more?
Are you struggling to recover after a shoulder injury or rotator cuff surgery?
Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and don’t know what to do next to fix your shoulder?
Are you missing out on life (or work opportunities) because you can’t use your shoulder like you want to?

If the above describes you, have a read of how I used my unique 7-step integrated system to help one of my clients completely heal her rotator cuff injury.

Sad Story… Happy Ending!

I got a call from one of my clients a while ago. I hadn’t heard from Cynthia in a long time, but in her typical “no-nonsense” manner she said… Brad, I fell over and broke my shoulder a while ago. The break has healed, but I really need some help to get my shoulder back to normal.

shoulder-slingAnd boy did she break it! In fact, she shattered it. Plus she did a lot of soft tissue damage too: Tore one of the rotator cuff muscles and strained the biceps tendon. So I really had my work cut out for me.

One good thing though; she remembered me saying how important ice is for immediate treatment after an injury like this, so she had been using ice since she broke it. (Ice is very important for reducing swelling, inflammation and scar tissue formation, which makes future rehab a lot easier.)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, her shoulder is now 100% healed. She has full range of motion, and the strength in her injured shoulder is now equal to that of her good shoulder.

Apart from a couple of small scars where the surgeons had to pin her shoulder back together and repair the soft tissue damage, you’d never know she hurt it.

My unique 7-step integrated system is the exact same procedure I used to fix Cynthia’s shoulder (and 2,500 others). If you’ve hurt your rotator cuff or you’re trying to recover after shoulder surgery, then take a look below to see how I can do the same for you.

Feel like you’ve tried everything?

If you’re like many of my clients, you’ve probably been suffering with shoulder pain for a while now. And you’ve probably tried a number of different treatments to fix your rotator cuff. But let me guess…

You’ve tried all the “magic quick-fix” exercises on YouTube and Google, which promised to fix your shoulder by tomorrow morning – but didn’t.
You’ve seen your doctor, but they were about as useful as a chocolate teapot. (And don’t get me wrong: I’ve got the greatest respect for doctors; it’s just that injury rehab is not their specialty.)
You’ve tried physical therapy, you’ve seen your chiropractor, you’ve even tried massage, but that just hurt more than it helped.
You’ve probably tried… Ice, Heat creams and rubs, Anti-inflammatory medication, Straps and slings. Maybe you’ve tried cortisone or steroid injections, but that only worked for a month or two. Right?
Maybe you’ve even tried that silly “one-size-fits-all” page of exercises that you get from a physical therapist or chiropractor. The same page of exercises they give to the next person who walks through the door. The same page of exercises they’ve been handing out for the last 5 years.
Please! These simple one-size-fits-all approaches never work. And if they do it’s only a temporary fix. If you keep going down that track you’ll be in the same position 2 months, 6 months, even 12 months from now and your shoulder will be no better off than it is right now.

Here’s a much better way to fix your shoulder

Let’s jump on the phone and work together to fix your rotator cuff properly and make sure you never have to worry about your shoulder again.

I’ll do a deep dive into your rotator cuff injury and shoulder pain. Plus, I’ll also identify the hidden limiters behind your injury, and expose what’s really holding you back from a complete recovery.

I’ll assess the exact location of your injury and which muscles, tendons or ligaments have been damaged. I’ll also assess your strength, flexibility, stability and muscle movement control so I can estimate the treatment time required (including, if you will need surgery).

We’ll get a full picture of exactly what stage your rotator cuff injury is currently at and what it’s going to take to fix your shoulder quickly and properly.

So go ahead and click on the “Schedule a Call” button below and set up a time for us to talk.

2,500 people have fixed their rotator cuff

That’s right! Over 2,500 people just like you have used my unique 7-step integrated system to fix their rotator cuff once and for all. Here’s what just a few of them have to say…

I’m 95% Pain Free…

“So far I have only completed step 5 of the 7 step rotator cuff treatment system and I’m 95% pain free. I have been suffering this injury for over three years and have tried physio, accupressure and Bowen therapy; my next step was surgery. I had almost given up any hope of returning to the gym until now. I strongly recommend the 7 step system.”

Shane Simon

(Jandakot, Australia)

Enjoying my sport every weekend after shoulder recovery program…

“Just wanted to say a big thanks! Your shoulder recovery program has helped a lot and I am back to my favourite sport; rowing, every weekend. I had assumed my problems were age related (I’m 53) but by paying attention to specific muscle stretches before and after each outing, I’m pain-free and enjoying my sport again. Thanks a million.”

Geraldine O'Farrell

(Dublin, Ireland)

I probably would have made it worse if it wasn’t for you…

“The Rotator Cuff system has helped me achieve healing from a minor injury, which I probably would have made worse by self-treating in the wrong ways.”

David Murray

(Missouri, United States)

Complete and easy to follow with tremendous results…

“Nothing has come close to giving me all the complete information in a comprehensive simple easy to understand step by step system like yours. My shoulder has improved tremendously.”

John Woods

(Kentucky, United States)

I couldn’t raise my shoulder above my head…

“I had an MRI done on my shoulder back in 2013 and was told I have a really bad rotator cuff. I could not raise my shoulder above my head. But because of all the therapy I have been doing (which I will continue to do) I am doing just fine and I have no problems now. At 73 years old I really don’t want to have surgery. So thank you so very much.”

Sondrai Bartram

(Washington, United States)

Excited to get back playing tennis…

“I injured my right shoulder rotator cuff supraspinatus muscles 12 days ago during a long and closely contested tennis doubles match. With the tips and exercises I got from you today, I am confident that I will be able to get back to my playing frequency and technique pretty soon. Again, many thanks.”

Angelo Dal Santo

(Melbourne, Australia)

Improvements seen within few weeks of use…

“I used your shoulder exercise program for a few weeks and the shoulder problem I have been experiencing has much improved. With added mobility in my shoulder and less tension in my neck muscles, my headaches have also gone. Thank you so much.”

Joyce Banttar

(Minnesota, United States)

I’ve kept my independence…

“I purchased the Rotator Cuff recovery program. The investment was well worth it for me. Before I purchased this program, my injury was steadily getting worse over the course of a few months, and that was with me being under a doctor’s care and following his recommendations. It was getting to the point where I was having tremendous difficulty with activities of daily living: driving, dressing or undressing, washing and styling my hair, and even typing. The exercises and pace of this program are designed to significantly minimize risk of re-injury, and that was my main consideration when deciding to make the purchase. Now, instead of getting steadily worse, I am slowly improving with regard to shoulder strength and range of motion, which is so vital to me being able to remain independent. One unique feature of this program is that it addresses the retraining of your nervous system, an essential step in rehabilitation for helping to prevent re-injuring yourself in the future, but one that is often neglected. I also like the fact that I am able to contact Brad Walker with any questions I may have, in my recovery, and receive personalized recommendations.”

Deborah Hill

(Texas, United States)

I’m sleeping much better…

“The improvement over the last few weeks has been far greater than the previous 4 months of treatment on my own assisted by a sports injury clinic. I’m sleeping much better and the pain has been reduced to mild discomfort off and on, which is getting incrementally better all the time. I’ve continued to work full time as well. I’m convinced of the value of doing treatments in the proper order, as the instructions make very clear. I highly recommend this to anyone with a rotator cuff injury.”

Ken Ingham

(Alberta, Canada)

Just want to say a heartfelt thanks…

“It’s working! BLESS YOUR HEARTS! Thank you so much! Money WELL spent!”

Kelli Leavitt

(Idaho, United States)

Your detailed exercises and specific schedule is the key…

“I tore part of my rotator cuff 5 years ago, elected not to have surgery and spent the better part of a year nursing it back to health. I reinjured the supraspinatus in May and because of my previous experience, your web presentation rang true. Having your detailed exercises and specific schedule has helped immeasurably in recovering from this second injury.”

John Kirkpatrick

(California, United States)

Improved my strength and minimized shoulder pain…

“I have found the 7 step rotator cuff treatment system invaluable for helping me to improve strength and minimise pain in my shoulder. It contains many exercises which you would never hear from normal channels.”

Kerin Bade

(Golden Grove, Australia)

This program changed my life…

“In early 2011 I purchased the Rotator Cuff Treatment System and within 3 months my left shoulder was almost normal. I had anticipated surgery! Ouch. I have written Brad a few times since to thank him. Last summer I fell and injured my right rotator cuff. I re-started the program and within 2 months my right shoulder was almost normal. I have continued with a maintenance version of the program which I highly recommend for anyone. Thank you again and again, Brad. This program changed my life in ways you can’t imagine.”

Paul K.

(Santa Barbara, United States)

Saved me from surgery…

“Thnx so much for all your valued info. It has kept me in-the-game. I experienced a full thickness tear of my left RC last July. Your therapy regimen saved me from surgery. I have been a fitness instructor since 1984 (I am also an RN), so I greatly appreciate your expertise. I have referred many to your website. Thnx, again!”

Barbara Sebastian

(Pennsylvania, United States)

Okay… Are you ready to fix your shoulder properly?

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Act now before your shoulder gets any worse. Go ahead and click on the “Schedule a Call” button below and set up a time for us to talk.


Kind regards,
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