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CHSCA Multi-Sport Coaches Clinic – Presentation Slides

Firstly, thank you very much for attending my presentation on Stretching for Improved Performance & Injury Management. As promised, you can download the PowerPoint slides and the MP3 Audio of my presentation from the link below…

Click here to download the PowerPoint slides (Right click and choose “Save Target As”)

Click here to download the MP3 Audio (Right click and choose “Save Target As”)

20% off the Stretching Handbook & DVD

  • In total, they include 135 clear photographs and 44 video demonstrations of unique stretching exercises for every major muscle group in your body.
  • The DVD also includes 3 customized stretching routines (8 minutes each) for the Upper Body; the Lower Body; and the Neck, Back & Core.
  • Plus, the bonus CD-ROM includes over 80 printable stretching routines for 22 sports and 19 different muscle groups.
  • The 20% discount ends Sunday, August 9.