Happy, Healthy, Pain-FREE Workers Leading to Improved Productivity and Reduced Insurance Costs!

A series of personalized stretching routines that target specific pain points common to office workers AND take no more than 2 to 3 minutes to perform – Your staff can even do them while they’re on the phone.

Pain Management and Improved Productivity for Office Workers
Do you own a mid sized company (or work as a HR or Corporate Wellness manager for one)?
Are your staff struggling with aches and pains from sitting behind a desk all day?
Are you losing productivity because your employees aren’t able to function at their best?
Are you worried your insurance costs will skyrocket from office related injury and pain treatment?
If the above describes you, let’s jump on the phone and discuss how I can help your staff.

I’ll do a deep dive into the unique requirements of your staff. I’ll identify the specific issues that are leading to their pain and the roadblocks preventing their recovery.

I’ll assess the exact location of their pain points and which muscles, tendons or ligaments need to most attention. I’ll also assess their current strength, flexibility and posture so I can create a stretching routine that targets their unique requirements.

So go ahead and click on the “Schedule a Call” button below and set up a time for us to talk.

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