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Below you’ll find a list of strategies that my most profitable affiliates are using to make serious money from the Stretch Coach Affiliate Program.

1. Provide a Personal Endorsement of my products to your visitors, subscribers and customers.

One of the most profitable ways to promote my products is to provide a personal endorsement or recommendation (or use one of my pre-written emails). If you’ve already built a relationship with your customers and subscribers, simply let them know about the great products at the Stretch Coach website. Your rapport and credibility will go a long way towards encouraging your customers and subscribers to purchase my products.

If you would like a sample copy of any of my products, please contact me here, and I’ll organize it for you.

2. Encourage your visitors, subscribers and customers to join my free newsletter.

When someone you send to the Stretch Coach website joins my free newsletter, they’ll automatically start receiving my auto-responder follow up series of emails. This series of follow up messages will introduces them to my range of free resources and then explains the benefits of my products.

From detailed statistics I know that on average 1 in 9 of my newsletter subscribers will make a purchase. That means that for every 9 people you send to the Stretch Coach website who join my free newsletter, 1 is likely to generate a sale for you.

3. Set up a signature file and include it with all your outgoing email.

A signature file is a small three or four line promotion, which is included at the bottom of all your email messages. An example might be;

Kind regards

Bill Smith
ABC Corporation
Click here for over 130 photos
of unique stretching exercises!

Make sure you include your unique tracking ID in your signature file.

4. Send a promotional email to your customer and subscriber list.

Simply write a personalized email message to your customer and subscriber list, or use one of my pre-written emails.

You can encourage them to join my free newsletter, use my free resources, or purchase my products. You may also like to direct them to one of my Stretching & Sports Injury articles, or maybe send them a product review or recommendation.

5. Set up a “featured products” section on your website.

Use the information at the product information page to construct your own featured product section on your website. Then direct your visitors to your featured product section and get them to click on your unique tracking ID for more information or to order.

6. Use my products as a back-end.

Marketing guru Corey Rudl says the back-end (or up-sell) is where the real money is. So, recommend one of my products as a follow up offer to your existing customers.

Simply email your customers after they’ve bought from you to see how they like your product and then casually mention one of my products as the perfect compliment to the product they just purchased.

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