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In my free Stretching Tips eBook you’ll get all the basics on how to stretch properly so you get the most out of your time spent stretching. While my 1 hour MP3 Audio presentation takes you beyond the basics and discusses little known stretching secrets that will revolutionize the way you think about stretching and flexibility.

With these up-to-date, cutting-edge stretching, flexibility and sports injury tools, you’ll learn how to…


Use simple stretching techniques effectively and safely to reduce injury, improve athletic performance and do away with annoying muscle and joint pain for good.


Safeguard yourself against inappropriate stretches that will do you more harm than good. Is there such thing as a good stretch or a bad stretch? Learn the truth and you’ll never have to worry again about picking the right stretch.


Stay ahead of the curve and keep abreast of the latest research and development in the stretching, flexibility and sports injury industry.


Discover which type of stretching to use at what point in your recovery and rehabilitation. This is crucial to a safe and speedy recovery. The right type of stretching at the right time will take weeks off your recovery.


Incorporate advanced stretching techniques into your training to take your athletic ability to the next level. Just knowing the right type of stretching to do at the right time could mean a new personal best time.


Uncover the myths and misconceptions about stretching, flexibility and sports injury. What does the latest research say about how to use stretching? You better learn this quickly before you make your injury worse.


Beware of the cookie-cutting approach used by 90% of today’s so called experts. Knowing how to identify the cookie-cutter approach will save you a heap of time and money, plus it will also warn you of charlatans, sharks and rip-off merchants.


And Much, Much, Much more…

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Here at I know I’m the world’s leading authority on stretching and flexibility, but you don’t… YET! So I want to prove to you that I know what I’m talking about and you can trust me with your stretching, flexibility and sports injury concerns.

Since 1995 I’ve been at the cutting-edge of research and development into the field of stretching, flexibility and sports injury management. At a time when stretching got nothing more than a mention in the latest publications on health and fitness, I was busy compiling, refining and testing every aspect of stretching and flexibility training. Today I continue to push the boundaries concerning the little-known topic of stretching and flexibility training.

So what do you get?

Apart from being kept up-to-date with the latest research and development in stretching, flexibility and sports injury management, plus exclusive content, private Q&A’s and free giveaways; you’ll also get…


vip-ebookA FREE copy of my Stretching Tips eBook, which has been downloaded by over 100,000 people. You’ll learn: the importance of when to stretch and how to stretch; you’ll learn how your posture affects your flexibility; and most importantly, when not to stretch.


vip-audioA FREE 1 hour MP3 Audio presentation called Stretching Secrets Exposed, where I discuss little known stretching secrets that will revolutionize the way you think about stretching and flexibility.


And you’ll also get the MP3 Audio presentation transcripts! These are the written, word-for-word transcripts of the Stretching Secrets Exposed MP3 audio presentation. You can download them, print them off and read them at your leisure.

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