Stretching & Mobility Products

For over 25 years I’ve been helping both young and old improve their flexibility and put an end to stiff, aching muscles and joints. If you’re ready to improve your mobility and freedom of movement, take a look at my stretching and mobility products below.

InstantStretch Software

Create, save and print as many professional stretching routines as you want, quickly and easily, for 37 sports and 119 different muscle groups. More info…

Stretching Handbook

Minimize the likelihood of sports injury and improve athletic performance with 135 unique stretching exercises in an easy to use, quick reference guide. More info…

Stretching DVD & CD-ROM

Get rid of back pain and do away with stiff, aching muscles and joints with over 40 visual stretching demonstrations for every muscle group. More info…

Big Book of Stretch Routines

Over 70 routines for every major muscle group in your body. Plus another 70+ routines for over 35 different injuries. And, my Top 10 all-time favorite routines. More info…

Stretching Workshop DVD

Simple stretching techniques to help you recover from sports injury; relieve annoying back pain; and do away with stiff, aching muscles and joints. More info…

Stretch Strap

This simple stretching tool will take you to a whole new level of flexibility. Comes with an instructional poster showing 15 common stretches. More info…

Stretching Poster

Details and explains 30 stretching exercises in a visual wall chart for for personal use within gyms, fitness centers, sports clubs, or for personal use. More info…

Anatomical Charts (set of 3)

3 large anatomical stretching charts display 48 different stretches for the Upper Body, the Lower Body and the Neck, Back & Core. More info…

ProStretch - Single

Improve your calf & hamstring flexibility, and get relief from heel pain, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and lower leg pains. More info…

Bundle & Save!

Stretching Handbook, DVD & CD-ROM

Includes 135 stretches in the Handbook and 44 visual stretching demonstrations on the DVD. Save $10.00.

$39.95 | Add to Cart

Stretching Handbook, DVD & CD-ROM and Strap

Includes 135 stretches in the Handbook, 44 stretches on the DVD, and a Stretch Strap. Save $20.00.

$49.95 | Add to Cart

Download Versions

Handbook - Download Version

Digital download version (PDF format) of the Ultimate Guide to Stretching & Flexibility. Available for immediate download after purchase. (89MB)

$14.95 | Add to Cart

DVD - Download Version

Digital download version (MP4 format) of the Stretching DVD. Plays on Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android. Available for immediate download. (200MB)

$14.95 | Add to Cart

Handbook, DVD & CD-ROM - Download Version

Digital download version (89MB PDF and MP4 format).  Available for immediate download after purchase.

$19.95 | Add to Cart

Sports Injury Products

Rotator Cuff Recovery

A step-by-step, proven method of reducing your shoulder pain, fixing your rotator cuff injury properly, and then making your shoulder strong and stable. More info…

Shin Splints Treatment

Reduce your lower leg pain, fix your shin splints properly, strengthen your calves, loosen up your lower legs, and get back to pain free running quickly and safely. More info…

Sports Injury Management

Get all the tips, tricks and techniques to successfully prevent and treat over 95% of all aches, pains and soft tissue sports injuries. More info…

Stability Disc by Thera-Band

Decrease the risk of falls, improve muscle reaction times, reduce the risk of accidental injuries, improve mobility and enhance general performance.

$39.95 | Add to Cart

RangeRoller Massage Tool

Massage both outer and inner layers of muscle and connective tissue to more effectively relieve knots, eliminate scar tissue & improve performance.

$24.95 | Add to Cart

Thera-Bands (set of 3) - Light

Set of 3 bands for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength.

$14.95 | Add to Cart

Hot / Cold Gel Pack

Use for hot or cold therapy. Reusable. Microwavable. Great for sprains, strain, bruises and all types of soft tissue injury treatment.

$9.95 | Add to Cart