A rotator cuff injury is a common injury in both athletes and those who work in manual labor where heavy lifting and reaching overhead are necessary.

The injury itself is caused in one of two way. An acute injury manifests itself from a sudden trauma such as falling on to the shoulder during a routine activity or accident. Whereas a chronic injury happens over time, developing slowly after months or even years of similar, repetitive actions such as lifting or throwing.

The shoulder, like the rest of the body, is a remarkably complex system of muscles, tendons and bone that all work in perfect harmony and actually has the greatest range of motion in the entire body.

There are four major muscles in the rotator cuff that do several different tasks, but the primary tasks are to stabilize the shoulder and rotate the arm within the shoulder joint. The muscles also hold the arm firmly inside the shoulder socket.

A rotator cuff injury can manifest itself in several ways: damage to the muscle or tendon, continuous repetition or general aging and arthritis. The damage can be a strain, tear or inflammation, depending on the type and severity of the injury itself. The damage to the shoulder then presents any number of issues ranging from mild to severe pain, to limited range of movement.

Keep an eye-out for my next installment on rotator cuff injury causes due out next month.

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