A few weeks back I wrote a short article about Hip Pain and Piriformis Syndrome, particularly about what it is and where it occurs. This week I want to cover some of the symptoms associated with Pirformis Syndrome…

Symptoms of piriformis syndrome, or Deep Buttock syndrome, are much like many other muscular-related pain. The sensations are normally dull and achy rather than sharp and acute. The leg may feel weak or stiff because of the piriformis muscle pressing on the Sciatic nerve, or movement may be restricted or drastically reduced.

Other symptoms may include pain while climbing or descending stairs, numbness in the leg and tingling in the leg may also become evident because of the nature of the sciatic nerve running the length of the leg. These other symptoms are much more rare and often much more acute in both degree and duration of the pain.

The unique location of the muscle and the relative length of the sciatic nerve can cause pain and discomfort almost anywhere within the thigh and hip area. Deep within the hip and buttock area are the most common locations for the centralized pain in piriformis syndrome.

I’ll have more on piriformis syndrome next month, but for now, if you’d like to learn more about hip pain and piriformis syndrome, visit our comprehensive piriformis syndrome article.

Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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