After successful treatment of piriformis syndrome comes the most important part of a successful recovery: preventing piriformis syndrome taking place again.

While any injury is possible, there are ways to minimize the severity and length of piriformis syndrome, and that is with piriformis syndrome prevention.

Piriformis syndrome prevention starts with proper warming up of the muscles and tissues, which brings oxygen and nutrients to the working muscles. Warm up and stretch properly before any physical activities.

After any physical activity, cool down stretches and rest are important but allowing time for the muscles to recover is equally important. The leg muscles and in particular the piriformis muscle must have ample time to recover before continuing physical activities. Preventing piriformis syndrome must start immediately after physical activity.

Training, both endurance and strength training, helps build and condition muscles. As a muscle begins to grow and strengthen, the chances of injury drop dramatically. This is why prevention of piriformis syndrome must include proper training with exercises.

To learn more about preventing piriformis syndrome and hip pain, visit my popular piriformis syndrome article for additional information.

Until next time; stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


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