Did you make any New Year resolutions for 2014?

Hmmm… I hate to break it to you, but New Year resolutions are like diets; they just don’t work long term. And here’s why…

Resolutions (and diets too) are based on will power. And will power alone is never enough to get you to your goal.

I don’t care how determined you are or how much will power you have, sooner or later you’re going to fall off the wagon.

We all have good days and we all have bad days; that’s life! It’s easy to be determined and motivated when all is well and you’re having a good day. But what happens when it all comes undone and you’re having one of “those” days? I’ll tell you… will power alone will let you down.

Now don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying you don’t have to make any effort, but if all you’ve got is sheer determination, you’re doomed to fail from the start.

Here’s a better approach: Change Your Environment.

What do I mean by that… Let’s say you want to be more active this year and do more exercise. Start by taking the batteries out of your TV remote, or moving your computer to the attic or basement. Loan your car to a friend for a few days a week or join a team sport where everyone expects you to show up every week.

That’s why I swim with a squad three times a week, instead of swimming by myself. My coach and the other swimmers expect me to be there. When the alarm goes off at 4:40am it’s not will power that gets me out of bed, it’s the thought of letting down my mates and having to answer to my coach.

Can you see what happens when you change your environment? You’ve taken will power out of the equation. You’ve put yourself in a new environment where you’re forced to act, rather than relying on motivation or will power to reach your goals.

And best of all, you only need the will power to change your environment once.

So… how can you change your environment to help you reach your goals this year?


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach


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