As a professional trainer, stretching and stretching exercises are a key element in my business and services. However, while some of my customers are elite athletes, a lot of them are not and lack flexibility simply because of aging or injury.

So I decided to do something about it. I wanted a tool that was simple to use and made stretching easy and fun; but more importantly, safe and effective. I searched high and low, and I even made my own prototypes. Eventually, I found a stretching tool that met my specifications and high standards. It is called the Stretch Strap by Thera-Band.

The Stretch Strap is a stretching tool unlike many other stretch bands. It has several different loops for varied stretches and uses, and a color-coded number system that offers feedback on progress. This makes the Stretch Strap the ideal stretching tool not only for athletes but anyone looking to improve flexibility.

Using the Stretch Strap by Thera-Band has several benefits; including improved flexibility and athletic performance, reduced risk of injury, and decreased muscle and joint stiffness.

Athletes cannot always be at the gym or with a trainer, so having the Stretch Strap is like having a personal trainer everywhere you go. Small, lightweight and easy to use, it stores in a suitcase or overnight bag for road trips. A small strip of floor is all that is necessary to get a good stretch.

As an added benefit, I’ve included several short videos that demonstrate different stretches using the Stretch Strap. Each targets a specific muscle group or joint and the video guides the user through the stretches. You can find more details about this great Stretching Tool here.

Stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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