Have you ever tried to design a stretching routine for yourself or your clients?

You’re sitting there with pen in hand, staring at a blank piece of paper; racking your brain to think of a few good stretches, but you keep coming back to the same old boring stretches you always do.

Well, with the all-new, updated InstantStretch v3.1 software you can create as many routines as you want. Simply click a few buttons, choose a few options and there you have it: Safe, effective stretching routines ready to print out and take with you wherever you go.

InstantStretch contains 135 different stretching exercises and creates unlimited routines for 37 different sports and 119 different muscles.

And you can also…

  • eMail routines to clients directly from the software.
  • Save and archive your routines for later use.
  • Store an unlimited number of clients.
  • Add your own company or personal details to print outs.
  • Add your own photos.
  • Plus a whole heap more.

Check out the InstantStretch press release here, or…

Check out the new InstantStretch Software here

Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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