Online health retailer the Stretching Institute (formally Injury Fix) has recently been approved to display a doctor’s seal of approval; a major benefit granted by consumer protection service Doctor Trusted.

To earn certification, the Stretching Institute passed a strict application process that involves careful evaluation by a doctor of their website and any products or services offered. The review process involves predetermined criteria that include fair pricing and return policies, reasonable medical claims, easy-to-locate customer service, and protection of sensitive customer data, among others.

The entire process promotes consumer safety surrounding health products and services, and helps the Stretching Institute strengthen trust in their brand as an online health business.

As the Stretching Institute has passed each of these criteria, they are now eligible to display a web seal of approval on their website, which provides an easy, highly visible way for customers to check legitimacy on their own before making a purchase. This protects customers as well as business owners by elevating moral business practices and accountability.

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