A few weeks back I wrote an email titled: How to work around an injury, where I talked about how I broke my toe over Christmas. If you missed it, you can click on the link above to have a read.

In that email, I casually mentioned that… I tend to heal quite quickly.

Well, apart from all the well-wishes I got (thank you by the way, my toe is all better now); I had a number of people ask what my secret to healing quickly is?

I’d never really given it much thought before, so I decided to jot a few things down to try and explain why I heal quickly. And what you can do to speed up the recovery process if you’re trying to get over an injury.

Here are a few “Mindset” suggestions.

Here are some “Diet and Nutrition” suggestions.

  • Eat 100% certified organic fruits, vegetable and meats. Cut out processed food and eliminate as many additives and preservatives as you can.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food. You shouldn’t just eat food for the sake of eating; you should enjoy and savour every mouthful.
  • Increase your intake of good quality, organic animal protein: It’s vital for soft tissue repair.
  • And I know you’ve heard this one before, but drink more filtered water.

Here are some “Lifestyle” suggestions.

  • Aim to get 9 hours sleep a night. I know that may seem unrealistic (and I rarely get 9 hours myself), but try to aim for that. You’ll be surprised what a good sleep will do for you.
  • Improve your general health and fitness: Stay active, get regular exercise, and work on your cardiovascular fitness, your strength and your flexibility.

I’m not a big fan of taking a lot of pills, potions and powders, but here are a few “Supplements” that have helped me.

  • Vitamin C: Good old vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) is a great antioxidant. Try and get it in powder form and look for a GMO free product.
  • MSM Sulfur: MSM Sulfur is very important for tissue regeneration. Look for it in a pure powder form.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids: The BCAA’s L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine are very effective in assisting muscle recovery and repair. Again, look for it in powder form.
  • Heal-n-Sooth: Heal-n-Sooth helps to reduce pain, inflammation and swelling. You can order it or learn more about it here.

Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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