I had an email from one of my customers last week: Kerrie, a massage therapist from Florida. She works with all types of people, but she tends to see a lot of people with work (or activity) related muscle and joint pain.

She’s bought 3 or 4 books and DVD’s from us in the past, which she leaves in her waiting room for her customers to browse through.

Anyway, a few of her clients inquired about getting a copy of the Handbook and DVD for themselves, so she emailed me and asked…

Do you sell your products at wholesale or at discounted prices for bulk orders?

I thought to myself… “Of course we do. I thought everyone knew that.” And then it dawned on me… “Maybe I’ve just ASSUMED everyone knew that.” If that’s the case, and you had no idea we offer a 50-60% discount on all our products. My bad… I apologize!

But it’s true. Anyone can purchase our products at wholesale prices. You don’t have to be a massage therapist or even work in the health and fitness industry.

If you do work in the health and fitness industry though, this is a great way to put a little extra cash in your pocket for no more work than you’re doing right now. Simply stick a few copies on your reception desk or in your waiting room, and collect the cash when someone wants one.

Anyway, you can get all the details about our wholesale prices here.

Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.

Kind regards,
Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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