If you’ve had shin splints and been to the doctor (or therapist) but are STILL hobbled by painful shins…

Then you’ve got a lot in common with Paul Sheldon. He’s the lead character in “Misery” – a movie based on the classic Steven King novel.

Here’s what I mean: In the movie, Paul drives through a bad snowstorm, wrecks his car and breaks both his legs.

His legs ache and are useless, probably like yours felt as your agonizing shin splints flared up.

Fortunately, Paul is found by a nurse named Annie, who happens to be Paul’s “number one fan” and she begins tending to his wounds.

Whew. Good news right?

Well, you probably thought you were doing yourself good too by going to the doc… but ask yourself this:

Are your painful shin splints gone yet?

Well as you’ll soon see, Paul’s still in bad shape too (and getting worse).

See, Annie is a bit of a “one trick pony” – she only knows one way to do things: HER way… And Paul’s legs suffer for it!

It’s a lot like your doctor’s (or physical therapists) attempt to heal your shin splints with the same “one size fits all” method he hands every patient who walks through the door.

“Do this stretch, take this anti-inflammatory pill… here’s a sheet of exercises… Call me next week, and don’t forget to pay the receptionist on the way out.”

Yet the stretches and exercises usually don’t work.

Here’s why: Your body has a specific process it goes through to heal itself.

And these “one size fits all” programs don’t address where your body is in your particular injury’s healing process.

In the movie Misery, Annie’s ruthless tunnel vision ends with her breaking Paul’s ankles to keep him dependent on her. (Gross, I know.)

But think about this for a second. Isn’t that what’s happening to you?

You went to the doctor in great pain, looking for help… He gave you his misguided cookie-cutter routine that didn’t address where your body was at in the healing process…

So you gobbled pain pills… applied heat and ice… swallowed more pain pills… And finally had to just stop doing the things you enjoyed.

But your shin splints still haven’t healed!

You’re still stuck in your own “Misery” …immobilized and dependent on your doctor who simply doesn’t know how to help you.

And it gets worse, because if you perform the wrong type of movement in the wrong stage of your body’s healing, you’ll just damage yourself worse.

So those exercises and stretches your doc gave you may actually be ruining your shins – NOT helping – every time you do them!

That’s like doing exercises with a broken leg, thinking the exercises will somehow magically heal it… That’s just crazy. And it’s exactly the same with your shin splints…

In order to heal effectively, you MUST do the right thing for your body at the right time…

And here’s the best news: There’s a simple, 7 Step System that’s already helped tens of thousands of people with their shin splints.

This system works with your body – not against it – and allows you to give your body just what you need… at the exact time you need it… to get you up and running again in no time flat.

In fact, your legs won’t just be “back to normal” like they were before your shin splints flared up…

They’ll be BETTER than they were before your shin splints!

By simply following this proven, 7 Step System you’ll quickly escape the “Misery” of shin splint pain and be back doing the things you enjoy most.

It’s easy once you know how to identify what stage of healing your body is in; the exact steps to take next to help you heal faster; and the exact order to take them in.

To find out how to escape your “Misery,” simply click this link now and end your shin splints starting today!


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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