Brad Walker is a man of many talents, yet few words. “I prefer to let my results speak volumes about what I am capable of doing” he said recently.

Walker’s website,, helps with a few different aspects of athletic training, but specifically focuses on stretching, flexibility and sports injury management.

Walker is a graduate of the University of New England and in his career has taught specific stretching techniques to athletes from triathlon to motorcycle racing. Each different sport requires not only innate talent but also proper injury prevention.

Sports injury is an unfortunate part of competition and the competitive experience. Walker’s specific stretching, flexibility and conditioning techniques help to prevent injury and speed up healing and recovery time.

Since the 1990’s Walker has been the go-to person for stretching, flexibility and sports injury management. His books are excellent reading for anyone involved in rehabilitation of injury. Patients recovering from surgical procedures like joint replacement or torn ligament repair, sports medical professionals and those involved in recreational and amateur sports would find Brad Walker’s books not only well-written but a necessary addition to any library.

Walker’s Amazon Author page has all of his books, some of which have been on’s Best-Seller lists.

My books and DVD’s help teach athletes, trainers and coaches, how to stretch properly before, during and after training and competition. Since the Internet or a DVD player is not available during a competition or a training session, my books are the perfect companions for this. Just like a coach would not leave without a play book, or a trainer without strapping tape, my books should be included in their bag as well,” Walker continued.

The above was taken from a recent press release. You can visit Brad Walker’s Amazon Author page and check out all his books at

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