Many moons ago, when I was a professional triathlete, I would run about 30 miles (48 kms) a week, plus swim 15 and bike about 300.

Now, 30 miles a week isn’t a lot for a serious runner, but anyone who has done any running for any length of time will know that shin splints are one of the most dreaded injuries a runner can have.

If you’ve ever suffered with shin splints you’ll know that terrible feeling you get when they start to flare up. It starts out as annoying shin pain, and the next thing you know…

You can barely even walk or go down a flight of stairs without terrible pain. Just the thought of running makes them ache.

Well, I was one of the lucky ones. Apart from some very minor shin pain I never had to suffer with the agony of shin splints. But for many, shin splints have put a swift end to the hope of ever being able to run pain free.

If you’re suffering with shin splints at the moment, or worse still, they keep coming back after you thought you got rid of them, take a look at our shin splints treatment system at the link below…

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Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach

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