The Winter Olympics have passed and many of the athletes are now home enjoying their time off before training season starts again in earnest. However, some will need to recover from injuries first.

Determining the extent or severity of an injury is not always easy, but with a little knowledge it can be done. This is the core of my updated, 2nd Edition of Sports Injuries: Your Illustrated Guide to Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment.

Professional sportsmen and women are normally surrounded by a group of experts who keep them in top physical condition. Some athletes, however, do not have such benefits. Many amateur, school and recreational sports don’t have professionals around to help in the case of an injury.

This was the point of my book. However, like any book on the human body, there have been considerable advancements made. This was part of the reason behind my second edition of the book.

Certain elements such as high gloss photography, more detailed descriptions and drawings are only a portion of what I cover in the book. New advancements in care and prevention are also carefully addressed in a simple to read format.

The best book to explain injuries and how one can treat them. The graphics are explicit so you can see the exact muscles used or involved in the injuries.Jose Fernandez

The Anatomy of Sports Injuries is a great ‘go to’ reference for home use, or – in my case – a personal training studio. This is almost always the first book I refer to regarding an injury, then I may or may not proceed to less user friendly books to obtain additional information. Great book. Couldn’t recommend it more highly.Raymond Dryden Functional Fitness

Visit my page for additional information and to get a quick look inside the book.

Until next time; stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


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Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach


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