Do you know the right way (and the wrong way) to stretch? Do you know how to stretch properly to avoid injury and maximize your range of movement?

Here are my top 10 tips for stretching properly and safely. You can see them below, or on the free poster. Simply Right Click here and choose “Save Target As…” (Or Save Link As… depending on which browser you’re using).

Download it to your computer, print it off, (laminate it if you want to), and hang it where you’ll see it often.

If you’re a therapist or trainer, feel free to hang it in your clinic or gym, or even make copies of it and give it away to your clients.

So here they are; my top 10 tips for stretching safely…

  1. Check for injuries first (never stretch an injury).
  2. Know your limits and don’t push them.
  3. Warm up prior to stretching.
  4. Do dynamic stretching before your workout,
  5. And static stretching after your workout.
  6. Stretch gently and slowly.
  7. Breathe deeply and easily.
  8. Stretch only to the point of tension (not pain).
  9. Include a variety of different stretches.
  10. Relax, let it all hang out and have some fun.

I hope you enjoy this little gift. Until next time, stay healthy, keep stretching and God bless.


Kind regards,

Brad Walker
The Stretch Coach


P.S. Let me know what else you’d like to see on a poster like this one? Do you want a poster for a particular sport? Do you want a poster about a specific topic? Let me know below… And don’t forget to tell your friends by sharing, liking or tweeting.

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