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What’s a Foam Roller?

What will a foam roller do for you? And how do you use a foam roller?

by Brad Walker | First Published March 30, 2008 | Updated September 11, 2017

About a month ago I published an article titled The Static Stretching Renaissance, which talked about the use of foam rollers. Since then I’ve had many questions from subscribers asking; “What’s a foam roller?” so I thought I would do a follow-up article about them.

I started to write the article, but I thought the best way to answer the question would be to show you. So below you’ll find a couple of videos (that explain better than I can), exactly what a foam roller is and how to use them.

Brad Walker - AKA The Stretch CoachAbout the Author: Brad is often referred to as the "Stretch Coach" and has even been called the Stretching Guru. Magazines such as Runners World, Bicycling, Triathlete, Swimming & Fitness, and Triathlon Sports have all featured his work. Amazon has listed his books on five Best-Seller lists. Google cites over 100,000 references to him and his work on the internet. And satisfied customers from 122 countries have sent 100's of testimonials. If you want to know about stretching, flexibility or sports injury management, Brad Walker is the go-to-guy.